Boar bristle brushes – are they worth it?

Do boar bristle brushes really make a difference to your hair

Would you spend $100+ on a hairbrush?

After hearing so much about the benefits of boar bristle brushes I purchased my first Mason Pearson brush and have never looked back. I consider it a must have hair product.

But why is everyone talking about boar bristle hairbrushes?

Boar bristles have the same structure as our hair. They are able to hold moisture and so can lift away dirt and distribute the oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair. The bristles also gently massage your scalp, increasing blood flow to your hair follicles.

In my opinion, boar bristle brushes are completely worth the expensive price tag.

I personally recommend Mason Pearson hairbrushes. That’s not sponsored, and I purchased my brushes myself. Mason Pearson brushes are constructed to last and the bristles are set into a pneumatic pad so that they are the perfect tension to brush through your hair to your scalp.

I have also purchased Denman hairbrushes which are excellent. I’ve recently discovered YS Park professional brushes which give amazing results when blowdrying your hair.

Boar bristle brushes make my hair smoother and shinier than regular brushes. Boar bristle and nylon mix brushes are exceptional for styling hair. They grasp every hair and keep the tension in the hair so are perfect for when you are heat styling. Good quality brushes make styling your hair quicker and easier.

Would you spend $100+ on a hairbrush? Are you a convert like me?

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