Big Hair Friday – Cara Delevingne in ID Magazine

Big Hair Friday – Cara Delevingne in ID Magazine

Cara Delevingne - ID Magazine - September 2013

The gorgeous Cara Delevingne instagrammed this shot from the upcoming September issue of I-D Magazine.

Have you ever felt like this in the humidity?

My hair seems to expand in the humidity, however if you have straight, fine hair you’ll find your hair does the opposite and falls flat.

Hair is extremely sensitive to moisture in the air and curly or dry hair absorbs it more quickly, causing the dreaded frizz.

In straight fine hair, the frizz is less obvious and any water absorbed into the hair makes it heavier and so your hair seems to hang around your face.

To try and prevent frizz, make sure your hair is well moisturised by using a deep conditioning treatment.

Hope you have a big (but frizz-free!) weekend xx

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