A day in the life of Hair Romance

A day in the life of Hair Romance
This post is brought to you by BlackBerry Z10

Hair Romance - A day in the life

So what does a blogger really do all day?

I don’t have a “normal” day anymore. As a blogger, I’m a writer / author / photographer / editor / social media consultant / marketer and more! That’s a lot of slashes!

I’ve been a fulltime blogger for over a year now, and I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder or longer hours, but I’ve never been happier. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.

I work from home so my days range from being inside all day on my computer to other days where I don’t stop moving from meeting to event, all day and night. I rely on technology to keep me connected wherever I am. My phone never leaves my hand.

I filmed a little snippet of one of my days to share with you so you can see what a blogger actually does. Of course I picked a more glamorous day, as 3 minutes of me sitting at my MacBook could get a little boring…

A day in the life of Hair Romance

Video made & edited on my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

I’m always on the go. 6.30am I start my day at dawn with a run to my favourite part of Sydney Harbour where I love to take a photo and share my #hairforecast weather report, 7.30am On the way home I check in with Twitter and Facebook from my phone. 8.15am Then it’s a breakfast meeting with my husband at our local café. We work together on Mr & Mrs Romance. 9.30am I do some work at the cafe before running errands (such as picking up my mail & online shopping!). 11am Then it’s back to editing photos for a post at home. 12pm Heels on, I’m off to a new product launch at lunchtime wearing my new jacket. 1.15pm Next I’m in a cab to my appointment with Anthony Nader for a braided updo. Anthony also brings me a copy of US Glamour magazine so I can see my feature! 2.15pm I walk home and get back to work on my laptop, replying to comments and emails. 3.30pm I photograph my hair and you can see how I take my photos and my tripod setup. I publish my post ready for the next day and answer more emails. 5.30pm I call it a day early to catch up with my friend over a glass of wine. I check social media before bed (I’m just a little addicted!)

I’m constantly on social media and responding to emails and I love how the BlackBerry Z10 keeps all my messages in one place in The Hub. I can reply to tweets and emails straight from The Hub without having to switch between apps. Unfortunately there’s no app for Instagram yet but I hear it’s coming.

My daily fashion

Hair Romance - A day in the life

Working from home has meant a lot of changes to my previous corporate style. I used to live in heels but now find myself running around in flats most days. When I have to go out for meetings and events I love using a few key pieces to switch up my look. I add a long printed blazer to dress up my home uniform of leather leggings and a T. I change from my flats to bright heels and add a matching clutch and I’m ready to head to my meetings in minutes.

Hair Romance - BlackBerryZ10

Using my BlackBerryZ10 I can also shop online. The Iconic has its own free app in the BlackBerry World store and its 3-hour delivery service means I can order an outfit to wear the same day. That’s my kind of timing!

Bonus – Braided upstyle video tutorial

I was having so much fun filming my day with the BlackBerryZ10 I shot this video of the hair with the braid I wore during the day. I edited my videos using the BlackBerry Story Maker, which was so easy to do! I will definitely be making more videos now that I know it’s so simple to do with my phone.

My braided upstyle is a combination of a Dutch braid and a regular braid, and I’ve also written a step-by-step below.

Video made & edited on my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone

Braided upstyle – Step-by-step

  1. Separate a section of hair behind your right ear and leave it out.
  2. Starting behind your left ear, take a section of hair and split it into three. Braid the sections under each other to form a Dutch braid along your lower hairline. Only add in hair to the lower sections of the braid along your neckline.
  3. Once you’ve braided across your neck, continue to form a regular braid. Secure the end with a small clear elastic.
  4. Fold your braid back in half and tuck it in on top. Pin in place with bobby pins.
  5. With the loose section on the right, form a regular braid (plait) and secure the end with a small clear hair elastic.
  6. Pin this second braid over the Dutch braid, tucking the ends in. (I missed a section on the video but I tidied it up once I checked in the mirror!)

Hope you enjoy this little peek into my working day! Every day is different and I love the variety.

Tell me, are you addicted to social media too? I can’t be the only one checking my phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night!

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