Tropical hairstyles – inspiration for Problogger event

Tropical hairstyles – inspiration for Problogger event

Hair Romance - Tropical hair and frangipani hair accessories

What comes to mind when you think of tropical hairstyles?

I’m flying to Queensland this afternoon for the Problogger conference. As it’s in such a fabulous Gold Coast beach location, the theme for the Friday night party is “Tropical” and we’re expected to dress the part.

While I still haven’t packed I have thought about how I will wear my hair. It is your best accessory, right?

If you’re attending and are looking for some hairstyle inspiration, try some of these quick tricks for a tropical hairstyle.

Tropical hairstyles – Wear flowers in your hair

Hair Romance - Tropical hair - frangipani hair accessories

Nothing says tropical to me like frangipani flowers. They smell divine and are an easy flower to add to your hair. Hopefully there’ll be a few frangipani trees near the hotel you can steal a flower from or pop to a local florist.

Hibiscus flowers are also beautiful for hair accessories. Look for flowers with thicker petals as they won’t wilt too quickly in your hair. A strong stem is also good if you’re placing them above your hairstyle, otherwise it’s easy to pin them with a bobby pin.

Thanks to Anthony Nader for creating this gorgeous tropical style in my hair. I’ll share a tutorial soon but you can find my tutorial for creating soft waves here.

Hairstyles to try with fresh flowers:

  • Deep side part – this works in straight/wavy or curly hair. Slick your hair back on the part side and pin a flower behind your ear.
  • Braids – weave small flowers through your braids for a bohemian look.
  • Buns – A simple bun turns tropical with the addition of a fresh flower. Try a low side bun and pin the flower behind your ear.

My braid ebook or buns ebook have tons of tutorials to inspire you.

Can’t get fresh flowers? Fake it with artificial or fabric flowers. Sportgirl and Diva have lots of budget options that you can buy at the airport on the way to the conference. Think about repurposing a necklace or earrings as a hair accessory too.

Tropical hairstyles – wet look hair

Wet look hair

Wet look hair can be difficult to pull off in normal situations but it’s perfect for a tropical hairstyle.

It’s a modern take on the ‘just off the beach’ hair and can look sporty and fresh.

How to get wet look hair right

  • Choose the right style – wet look hair looks best in straight or wavy hair that is pulled back in a bun or ponytail, or raked back with the ends loose.
  • Choose the right products – oils can give you that wet look but too much makes your hair look oily too. Choose a pomade or gel to get that fresh wet look hair.
  • Mix the textures – my favourite wet look styles are where all the hair is brushed back off your face and is left out with loose waves. Contrast the textures of the soft ends of your hair with the slick roots for a modern look.

Check out this style for wearable wet look hairstyle inspiration.

Tropical hairstyles – Pineapple hair

braided reverse ponytail hairstyle collage

If you love going all out with a costume, this hairstyle is fabulous. I would go all out and emphasise the curls on top to make it even more pineapple-like.

For a simpler version I really love the reverse ponytail and this reverse braided hairstyle is a fun variation.

If you look like this you’ve taken it too far!


Who else is going to the Problogger conference? I’m speaking on the first day and if you can’t make it you can buy a virtual ticket here. The virtual ticket allows you access to all the presentations, which will be posted during the conference, but you can listen to them any time afterwards too.

Now, I better go pack. At least my hair is sorted!

What’s your favourite tropical hairstyle?

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