The Ultimate Holiday Hair Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Hair Guide

Hair Romance - Ultimate holiday hair guide

Here is your Ultimate Holiday Hair Guide to keep your hair looking its best, and giving you hairstyle ideas for every lunch, dinner and holiday get-together.

From picnics to parties, here’s everything you need to have a good hair day.

Caring for your hair

Hair Romance - holiday hair guide

Good hair days start with looking after your hair. Are you using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type?

Salon Advice

Hair Romance - guide to salon blowdries and styling

Need to find a good hairdresser? Here are my tips for finding your perfect hairdresser.

Love your salon but want to try a different stylist? Here are some tips for how to switch stylists in the same salon.

Had a salon disaster? Don’t worry, it’s only hair and you can recover. Here’s how to overcome a bad salon experience.

Want to get your hair done before a big event? Here’s a guide to how to style your hair with a blowdry (blowout)

How to style your hair

Hair Romance - Big Hair - new hair colour Stevie English June 2013

Most of us will need to blowdry or heat style our hair for a party look. 

We covered curly hair above, and if you have what I like to call “wash and wear” hair, you can move straight on to the hairstyle ideas below.

Holiday hair guide - styling your hair

Please remember to use a heat protectant on your hair and here are some tutorials that can help get that perfect finish when wearing your hair down.

Casual Hairstyle Ideas

Hair Romance - Topsy tail ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Not all parties are formal so here are some quick and easy hairstyle ideas for more casual get-togethers.

Holiday hairstyle guide - casual hairstyles

Hair Romance - holiday hair - 30 Days of Twist and Pin

Looking for more hairstyle inspiration? My 30 Days of Twist & Pin hairstyle ebook has you covered for a month of styles and more!

Party Hairstyle Ideas

Hair Romance - curved lace braid updo hairstyle tutorial

You need staying power for the holiday party season and these pretty hairstyle tutorials will keep you looking good all night long.

Hair Romance - holiday hair guide - party hairstyles

Have fun with your hair this holiday season! Here are some cool hairstyles for you to try for your next event.

Hair Romance - holiday hair - 30 Braids in 30 Days

You’ll find so many party hairstyle ideas in my 30 Braids in 30 Days ebook! Learn how to braid your own hair with this simple step-by-step guide.

Formal hairstyle ideas

1960s ponytail_Hair Romance

Do you have a more traditional Christmas? These classic and elegant updos are the perfect hairstyles for more formal events.

Hair Romance - holiday hair guide - formal party hairstyles

Hair Romance - holiday hair - 30 Buns in 30 Days

You can learn a twist on this easy classic hairstyle with my 30 Buns in 30 Days ebook where you’ll learn over 30 different styles that are perfect for any occasion.

Curly Hair Tutorials

Hair Romance - Braided half crown hairstyle how to in curly hair

Embrace your curls these holidays! If you have naturally curly hair you’ll love this. I filmed a 5-part video tutorial series just for curly hair. 

Holiday hair guide - curly hair hairstyles

Have fun with your hair!

Hair Romance - with DIY pink hair extensions

For New Year’s parties you might want to have a bit more fun with your hair so why not try some of these colourful ideas!

Hair Romance - holiday hair guide - fun colourful ideas

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season with your nearest and dearest!

I’m going to take some time off from regular blogging and will be back in the New Year with lots of fresh hairstyle ideas.

Actually, I’m really bad at taking time off so I’m forcing myself to take a break so I can work on a book project I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I think you’ll love it and I’ll let you know more in the New Year but I can tell you it’s going to launch on Valentine’s Day 2014.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who visits Hair Romance and lets me keep doing what I love. Thank you to everyone who tries my hairstyles and I adore seeing your photos of my hairstyles! Thank you to everyone who leaves comments, and everyone who creates the fabulous community on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

As I said I can’t switch off, so you’ll still find me around on Instagram and Facebook. I’m also blogging with my husband over at Mr & Mrs Romance.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you in the New Year!

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