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Gray Malin - Pink Umbrellas

Happy Weekend!

Thanks to Grace of Stripes & Sequins, I’ve become obsessed with Gray Malin’s photography. His aerial beach shots are my fave as are the clever and fun Up and Away series. He was in Sydney shooting on New Year’s Day and I can’t wait to see his latest photos from his Antartic trip too. This weekend he’s released a special edition image, Miami Pink Umbrellas, that comes with a signed pink beach ball too.

This week I shot some new hair tutorials (coming soon!) with the gorgeous Laura of This Island LifeIf you love summer you’ll love This Island Life, and check out her review of Cape Panwa in Thailand. I stayed there for a friend’s wedding and it’s stunning.

My friend Sara-May of Makeup Utopia is starting a new express makeup series and I can’t wait to see all the looks she creates.

Beauty Swatch founder, Yishan Chan interviewed me about my blog photography tips on her new blog.

I give the impression of being very organised but it’s only on the surface. I can’t wait for Smaggle’s new series on How to Totally Organise your life in 19 days, I’m hoping to be really organised at the end of the month.

You can catch up on my insta-diary from last week and planning another awesome brunch like this for next weekend.

The New Year sales have been too good and I’ve picked up some new jeans and I’m loving this skirt and blazer.

At first look, this coat didn’t wow me but I love the way Julia has styled it.

Changed the way I use the word “busy” since reading this.

Looking forward to a gorgeous friend coming to stay with us this week, and seeing two beautiful friends get married next Saturday.

What’s in store for you this week? Found any bargains in the sales?

Christina xx

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