The Style Loop

The Style Loop

Life is too short to have boring hair @HairRomance

That’s seriously one of my life mottos!

I’m having a fabulous weekend away in Brisbane, especially hanging with the fabulous Styling You. She made me buy these shoes and I don’t regret it.

Makeup Utopia has posted her final look for her Express Makeup series. Sign up to her list to be the first to hear about her new ebook. I can’t wait to see it!

The Plastic Diaries names the 7 celeb beauty brands you have to try.

Love this idea to host an iced tea party from StyleHunter Kids, and it’s for a great cause too.

Breakfast With Audrey has a beauty crush on Lupita Nyong’o.

5 common beauty myths by VMAC & Cheese.

Say hello to Kester Black and Shanghai Suzy at Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily.

Crushing on this super cute mini bag.

Love this Infinity Bun tutorial by The Beauty Department.

Once you’re married do you stop celebrating your dating anniversary?

If you’re a blogger, you’ll love this post on how to write your About Me page. Reminds me that mine needs updating!

And to all my fellow Aussie readers, Happy Australia Day! My husband created this Aussie beer cocktail just for the occasion.

Have a fabulous weekend, and if you’re in Australia, enjoy the holiday Monday!


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