The secret to waking up with great curly hair

The secret to waking up with great curly hair

Hair Romance - The Secret to waking up with great curly hair

You style your curly hair, it looks fabulous. Then you go to sleep and wake up with a birdsnest on top of your head.

If this is you, then I have a secret trick you’ll love that will have you waking up with great curly hair.

Nicole recently wrote to me about her curly hair problem:

So I have naturally curly hair too! Mine curls are just slightly tighter then yours. The problem I have most is keeping the curls smooth and soft during the night. I will have great curls one day and then go to sleep and the next day they are horribly tangled and some are flat! How do you keep your hair from going crazy at night!?!?

I hear you Nicole, and I have a few simple tips that will make your second day curls look as good as day one, if not better! If you need advice on making the most of your curls you need to ready this post on how to style curly hair and read the comments too.

The secret to waking up with great curly hair

The secret to waking up with great curly hair - Hair Romance

  1. Clip your hair up – also referred to as “pineapple-ing” as you do resemble a pineapple with all your curls piled up on top of your head. Why does this work? When you sleep, you create tangles every time you turn your head. Clipping your hair up stops the knots, and also creates more volume in your hair in the morning. It’s simple, but it really works.
    I recommend using a clip, not a hair elastic, as it won’t leave a marks in your hair. Position the clip at the crown of your head or above so that it’s comfortable for you to sleep.
  2. Change your pillowcase – since I switched from cotton to a silk pillowcase I have noticed a difference in my hair. Silk, or satin, is smoother and so there is less friction on your hair and therefore less frizz. The added bonus is no pillow creases in your face in the morning either!
  3. Steamy shower – In the morning, give your curls a shake and have a steamy shower. For my curls, this works to rehydrate my hair without having to wet it too much. Alternatively you can use a water spray bottle to dampen and reshape any curls that need it. Apply your favourite oil or serum to smooth your curls.

Now the first two tips are also perfect for straight hair or wavy hair too. You can see how I restyle straight hair here. Skip the steamy shower if you straightened your hair!

If your second day curls need to be more polished, watch my video tutorial on how I restyle my curly hair for an extra styling secret for messy hair. 

Do you “pineapple” your hair? What are your secrets for waking up with great hair?

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