The Double Knot Ponytail Tutorial

The Double Knot Ponytail Tutorial

Hair Romance - This Island Life - The Double knot ponytail

This ponytail is set to become your new favourite hairstyle.

It’s so easy, and takes your ponytail up a notch from ordinary to extraordinary! (Cheesy line, but it’s true.)

Hair Romance - This Island Life - Double knot ponytail

Meet Laura from This Island Life. Not only is she gorgeous and smart, she blogs about my favourite season, summer. Her tagline is “because it’s always summer somewhere” and Laura seeks out the best to bring you tropical inspiration on This Island Life. We hung out at Bondi Beach in Sydney last week and shot a couple of new hair tutorials.

I showed Laura how to do this hairstyle once and this is her first attempt at doing it in her own hair. She nailed it! Without a mirror and on a windy day.

That’s proof that this double knot ponytail is easy, and you can get this hairstyle first go in your hair too.

The Double Knot Ponytail Tutorial

Hair Romance - This Island Life - Double knot ponytail hairstyle tutorial


You’ll need: A small clear hair elastic (or an elastic that matches your hair colour)

  1. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and split it into two equal sections.
  2. Tie a knot in your hair. Loop the right section around the left and pull the end up through. Pull the knot tight against your head.
  3. Repeat, tying a second knot in your hair exactly like the first. Make sure the second knot is tight against the first knot.
  4. Secure the knots together. Hold both sections of your hair together under the knots and secure them with a small clear hair elastic. Ensure the elastic is tight against the knots.
  5. Stretch out the knots to emphasise the shape (and better cover the elastic) and you’re done!

You can wear this style at the back or to the side.

Hair Romance - This Island Life - Double knot ponytail hair tutorial

I like this double knot slightly off-centre. It’s more laid back and fits this beachy theme.

This hairstyle is best for medium to long hair without too many layers. It looks great in curly hair too, though I think you can see the details of the knot better in straight hair.

I’d love to see a photo if you try this in your hair 


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