Shopping Enabler

Shopping Enabler

Do you love shopping? I rarely go out and browse the shops, but I have been known to late night internet shop.

I love online shopping. It’s so much easier and so convenient. Living in Australia it opens up a whole world of retailers we’ve never had before and it’s just so easy.

I like to think of myself as a shopping enabler. I help others to shop because then I don’t feel the need to shop for myself. When I go overseas I am always happy to bring back wishlists and presents for friends as it’s fun to shop for them.

Here’s some online shopping news I had to share in my role as a shopping enabler.

Net-A-Porter Beauty now available in Asia Pacific


We’re usually last to get things in Australia and now finally Net-A-Porter Beauty is available here and across Asia Pacific. I jumped on and purchased a few things this week including a lipstick from Ilia, a Kevin Aucoin brush and precision liner. My signature look is a flick of black liner and a bright lips so I’m sticking to my faves but just trying some new brands.

An Australian classic appears on the Net-A-Porter beauty pages. Lucas Pawpaw has been a cult product here for ages. I met a lady in New York who once she found out I was from Australia couldn’t stop talking about pawpaw ointment. She claimed it cured her skin cancer and she still uses it religiously. I can’t stand by that huge claim but I can tell you it really works on insect bites and scratches and is a fab multi-purpose beauty product.

Bauble Bar now shipping to Australia and Canada

Baublebar jewels 2

I received some fantastic news from one of my fave bloggers, Grace of Stripes and Sequins, who also happens to look after social media for BaubleBar, that they are now shipping to Australia.

This fun accessories company creates on trend jewels as well as designer collaborations and unique customisable monogram pieces.

Baublebar jewels

When I was in NYC, I went to a Shoptiques event at the BaubleBar pop up store in Soho. I loved seeing all the piece sin person and finally having the chance to buy them. I picked up a cute little anchor pendant and some rings and I have my eye on a few statement necklaces too.

Bauble Bar NYC Showroom

If you would still like to head in store you can visit their showroom in NYC on 5th Avenue by appointment, or shop online at

Shoptiques – shop boutiques from around the world

Olga - Shoptiques

I met Olga, the founder of Shoptiques in Sydney earlier this year. We caught up again while I was in NYC and I am amazed at her energy and creativity.

Inspired by a pair of shoes she bought in Paris from a little boutique without a website, she created a portal to bring that boutique shopping experience online.

You can shop by city or by neighbourhood, and it’s like travelling through your laptop. Each boutique has its own personality. You can also search all the boutiques to find something unique.

I love that you can browse boutiques in Soho NYC, then skip to Le Marais in Paris and find items that no-one else will have.


Shoptiques did a little interview with me a while back and you can read it here.

Shoptiques dress

Find this dress here.

My latest purchases

Thanks to an overwhelming yes on Instagram, you enabled me to splurge on these kitty shoes I have been coveting for ages.

While with my sister at the airport to pick up my aunt on Friday I also bought this skirt. Airport shopping kinds of makes you feel like you’re on holiday and that spending doesn’t count, right?

Confess your latest purchase, and tell me, are you a shopping enabler too?

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