Reader Question: What can I do to fix my dry hair?

Reader Question: What can I do to fix my dry hair?

We all want our hair to be soft, healthy and shiny but you won’t believe how common it is to have dry hair.

How to fix dry hair - Hair Romance

The lovely Sophia of the fab fashion blog Moulin Frock emailed me for help with her dry hair. She has beautiful thick hair and has lighter ombre colour on the ends.

Q: I’m hoping you can help me – my hair is super dry and I don’t know what I can do to stop it. It’s coloured/lightened so that probably doesn’t help 🙁 As you remember it’s also super thick. I can’t seem to find anything that works.

How to fix dry hair

Most likely the colour is causing the dryness in your hair but there’s a few steps you can take to fix your dry hair:

  • First check if you’re using a moisturising shampoo, and sulphate free would be good too. You don’t need to be over-washing your hair. Try not to wash your hair every day and use dry shampoo on the in-between days.
  • Use a treatment in between your shampoo & conditioner. Schwarzkopf Extra Care 60 second treatment is a great supermarket buy, or Original & Mineral 7 Day Miracle is awesome. Comb it through and concentrate on the ends of your hair. Don’t apply conditioner to your roots, just the ends of your hair.
  • Salon treatments are awesome and can work wonders. I’m reviewing a few this week but ask your hairdresser to recommend one to suit your hair.
  • Try to avoid heat styling, but if you do have to blowdry or straighten your hair, make sure you use a heat protectant. There are some good creams you apply in damp hair like Matrix Heat Resist (they also have a shampoo and conditioner with heat protectant) or use a spray like ghd Heat Protect Spray before you style.
  • If your hair is still really dry, a leave in conditioner can help too. Try Unite 7 Second Leave In Conditioner which you apply in towel-dried hair after washing.
  • Oils can be great too, but be careful of too much product that contains silicone. I love Moroccanoil but it’s full of silicone so it works for a while but as it coats your hair it stops moisture getting in to your hair and so your hair becomes drier. If you do use them, do an extra shampoo to make sure you’re removing all the product before conditioning your hair.
  • You might need to trim the ends. If you have a lot of damage and split ends a trim is the only fix. Once the ends are cut off you can fix the rest of your hair.

Do you have dry hair? What do you use to fix your dry hair?

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