Pout Perfect by Beauty Swatch book review

Pout Perfect by Beauty Swatch book review

One of the things I love about blogging is that you can blog about your passion, no matter how niche.

People are always surprised when I tell them I blog about hair and I can only imagine the blank stares Yishan of Beauty Swatch receives when she says she blogs about lipstick.

“How do you have enough to write about?”

“Are you ever stuck for ideas?”

I’m sure Yishan gets asked the same questions I do all the time, but that’s the thing about your passion. You see it as an infinite topic and the only thing you don’t have enough of is time to write about it all.

Beauty Swatch Pout Perfect lipstick book

Now if you’re a lipstick addict too, or even better, if you have no idea where to start then you need to head straight to Beauty Swatch. Well, that link opens in a new tab so you can come back here to keep reading about how Beauty Swatch published Pout Perfect, the first book on lipstick and the ultimate guide to building your lipstick wardrobe.

Yishan knows A LOT about lipstick.

She searched for a guide to help women build their lipstick wardrobe but couldn’t find one so she wrote and published her own book, Pout Perfect.

Yishan says, “The turning moment for my book idea came when I realised I had a lot more to say about lipstick than most well known beauty books out there, and that there isn’t any other beauty book dedicated to lips. I wanted my book to be an extension of my blog, and for it to engage my readers on a different level to just a quick-stop by my blog, by creating content that is differentiated from my regular blog posts that they can immerse themselves in.”

You know my view that a bright lipstick can change your day but Yishan guides you through the terminology and types of lipstick to find your perfect formula and shade.

Pout Perfect by Beauty Swatch lisptick ebook

Pout Perfect is the perfect guide for those just starting to build their lipstick wardrobe, but it also answers questions for dedicated lipstick lovers. I learnt new techniques and how to create the perfect nude lip.

I’m thrilled that Yishan has just published a print edition of her original ebook. I was one of the first to buy her ebook and I just bought the print book because I’m such a fan.

Head to Beauty Swatch to purchase the print edition of Pout Perfect or the pdf ebook version you can download instantly.

Are you lipstick obsessed too? How many lipsticks in your lipstick wardrobe?

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