How to tell if a celebrity hairstyle will suit you

How to tell if a celebrity hairstyle will suit you

How to tell if a celebrity hairstyle will suit you

Most of us find new hairstyle inspiration from celebrity pictures or magazines, but how can you tell if that style will suit you?

First things first, try the thumb trick.

Whose hair book

The Thumb Trick

Put your thumb (or fingertip) over the celebrity’s face and really take a look at the hairstyle.

Do you really like the hairstyle, or do you like the celebrity?

By removing the face you can see the style for what it is, and decide if you actually like the hair.

Do some google research

If you still love the hairstyle, google the celebrity for more photos, especially from different angles.

Also look for images of their hair in other haircuts to see how it compares to your hair.

Consult with your hairdresser

Once you have a few images of the style, and you know what it is that you like about it, make an appointment for a consultation with your hairdresser.

Here are my tips for how to explain what you want at the hairdresser and listen to what they have to say about the style.

A good stylist can customise the style to suit your hair. They should also be honest and say when it’s just never going to work for you.

Remember that most celebrity red carpet hairstyles take hours to achieve, even if it looks relaxed and undone. Do you have the same amount of time to spend on your hair?

Have you ever been inspired to change your hair because of a celebrity hairstyle? How did it look in your hair?

Images 1, 2 from Whose Hair book

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