How to re-style curly hair on the second day – new video tutorial

How to re-style curly hair on the second day – new video tutorial

Here’s a little trick I do to re-style my messy curls on the second day. It’s a bit of a styling cheat to get more polished curls.

Hair Romance - How to re-style curly hair

I made this video ages ago and I’m not sure why I haven’t posted it. Well, I do know. I’m terrible at making videos! I recorded a series of curly hair tutorials and I’ll be posting a new one every day this week!

I filmed this video when I was staying on the ridiculously amazing Hayman Island. It’s a paradise in the middle of the Whitsundays in Queensland. I was lucky to go there on a work trip with Tourism Queensland and The Remarkables Group and I can’t wait to go back. I also visited Whitehaven Beach which is probably the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

But back to the hair. I only had a really short break before we left Hayman Island and I quickly filmed 5 hair tutorials in a row. Here’s my first one on how I tidy up my messy curls.

Click here to watch the video tutorial on YouTube.

How to re-style curly hair

Using a small curling wand is a quick cheat way to create more uniform curls. It’s also a great trick if you have hair that won’t co-operate.

For those annoying straight/curly sections, you can wet your hair and twist it to help your curl form, or just grab a curling wand to set it in place.

I used the H2D X3 curling wand and the smallest barrel is approximately the same size as my curls so it blends well in my hair.

Don’t forget to use a heat protectant before you start! And for those final frizzies I love O&M Frizzy Logic. You can also add some styling powder for extra volume at the root.

Hair Romance - How to curl curly hair

So now you know my cheat for fixing my messy curls. How do you re-style your hair on the second day?

Check back for more hairstyle tutorials in curly hair every day this week xx

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