How to DIY pink highlights in your hair

How to DIY pink highlights in your hair
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Hair Romance - I love pink hair

I love pink hair.

I know it seems like a crazy hair colour but it’s actually incredibly flattering. I’ve had pink hair a few times before and I always come back to it. Pink hair makes me happy.

Now if you want to try pink hair but have been nervous about the change, or if you can’t change your hair because of work or school, then you will love this DIY tutorial.

You can make your own pink highlights that you can clip in for the night, without damaging your hair. If you’re game, I’ll also share tips for how to do this in your own hair at the end.

How to DIY your own pink hair extensions

Hair Romance - before and after - DIY pink hair extensions

I’m using a mix of pale blonde and medium clip in highlight pieces. I’ve chosen two shades of blondes so you can see how the pink colour varies. It’s so vibrant!

Hair Romance - Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights

To colour my extensions I’m using the new Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights in Shocking Pink. Live is a semi-permanent colour that lasts up to 8 washes. In very blonde or bleached hair it can last longer.

I remember Live colour from when I was at school. We were never allowed to colour our hair at school but in the holiday we would experiment with Live colour as it would wash out before school went back. Back then there were only the classic range of colours and now there are three new amazing bright colours.

Hair Romance - how to DIY pink hair extensions

Schwarzkopf Live colour is so easy to use. Inside the pack you’ll find a sachet of colour, instructions and a set of disposable gloves. The colour is ammonia free and is only $5.49 a box.

Rather than grow out, the colour fades out as you wash your hair. If you have long or thick hair you’ll need to buy additional packs.


Hair Romance - How to DIY pink hair extensions tutorial

I recommend wearing old clothes when doing anything with dye! I’m also working in my kitchen sink as I knew it wouldn’t stain and is easy to clean up.

Also, and this is really important, tie your hair back out of the way before you begin. You don’t want to brush your hair out of your eyes with a glove covered in pink dye!

What you’ll need:

  • Clip in human hair extensions – I’m using single highlight wefts but you could also dye larger wefts
  • Hair dye and gloves
  • Old towel

What to do:

  1. Wet your hair extensions and gently towel dry.
  2. Put on your gloves and snip off a corner of the colour packet. Squeeze some of the colour into the palm of your hand.
  3. Apply the dye to your extensions and work the colour evenly down the length of each extension piece.
  4. Lay the extensions down and let the colour process. You can leave it on for 5-30 minutes, depending on the intensity of the colour you want to achieve. I left mine on for the full 30 minutes.
  5. After processing, rinse your extensions to remove all the colour. You can also use a little conditioner but it’s not necessary.
  6. Let your extensions air dry or blow dry and style them.

How to clip in your extensions

Hair Romance - How to clip in hair extensions

  • Each extension has a simple wig clip that you bend to open and press to close.
  • To ensure they hold better in your hair, you can backcomb gently at the roots, or use a texture spray on your roots.
  • Make sure you leave enough hair above where you are placing your extension so that you can cover the clips with your hair.

Hair Romance - with DIY pink hair extensions

Place the pink extensions evenly around your hair. Or if you have a particular upstyle in mind, place them so you can make the most out of them and see them in the finished style.

For example they look amazing in braids.

Hair Romance - pink hair in a fishtail braid

How to DIY colour your hair pink

Hair Romance - pink hair

So are you brave enough to dye your own hair pink?

Here’s a few tips before you begin:

  • Do a test patch on your skin 48 hours before dyeing your hair.
  • Get a friend over to help! It’s much easier to do with an extra set of hands.
  • Make sure you have enough dye. For long hair you’ll need 3-4 packets. It’s always better to have a spare than to run out!
  • Note that light coloured hair takes the colour easily and can stain. You won’t get the same vibrant effect on dark hair but you can still achieve a fun colour.

Beautiful Confessions

Hair Romance with DIY pink hair extensions

So have you ever had pink hair?

This week is pink week and we want to hear all of your pink stories on the Beautiful Confessions site.

You can also be inspired by their gorgeous Pink board on Pinterest

Share your beautiful confessions and you can win a fabulous pink themed beauty prize pack. It can be a tip, a beauty secret or something funny. You’d be surprised what’s up there and what you’ll say “me too” about!

Have you ever experimented with semi-permanent hair colour?

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