Hair Trends – Purple Ombre Hair and Plaits

Hair Trends – Purple Ombre Hair and Plaits
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Hair Romance - purple hair - radiant orchid

Pantone has just named it’s colour of the year for 2014 and it’s much more hair-friendly than 2013 colour of the year, Emerald Green.

Get ready for a trend surge in purple across fashion, interiors and beauty.

Pantone colour of the year 2014 - Radiant Orchid

Pantone describes Radiant Orchid as:

“An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

I predict that this will be a popular trend for beauty next year as the pink undertones make this colour so wearable and it’s the same for hair.

Purple is an incredibly flattering hair colour. Depending on the shade, it suits both cool and warm tones. That’s why last week I was thrilled when my friend Rosalie said she wanted to dye her hair purple.

Hair trend – Purple ombre hair

Hair Romance - before and after purple ombre hair

Hair Romance - before after purple ombre hair

I just love this transformation on Rosalie’s hair! Can you believe this purple ombre hair colour was done using only semi-permanent colour too? No bleach was used and her hair felt amazing after.

How to get the look – Purple ombre hair

Last week we headed in to Schwarzkopf HQ to test out the new Live Colour Ultra Brights. I know the Ultra Bright Shocking Pink is easy to do but how would the Magnetic Purple work on darker hair?

Hair Romance - Schwarzkopf purple ombre hair

  1. First Rosalie’s hair was washed and gently towel dried.
  2. A darker semi permanent colour was used on the top sections of her hair. Schwarzkopf Live Colour in Dark Brown was painted on in small sections from the root to the midlengths of her hair.
  3. Next the purple was applied to the ends of her hair. We used Schwarzkopf Live Colour Magnetic Purple. Rosalie’s hair is dark, but it had been lightened before so the semi-permanent colour would take more easily. If you have very light hair you’ll get an even brighter result.
  4. The colour was left to process for approximately 30 minutes. It was then rinsed out and her hair was conditioned.

The Live colour is ammonia free so it’s gentle on her hair and it will wash out instead of growing out without any obvious regrowth.

Hair Romance - beautiful purple ombre hair

How amazing is this colour?!

But you know I can’t leave it there and had to include this fabulous hair in my next hair trend prediction – plaits.

Hair trend – Plaits

Hair Romance - 3 strand plait braids - 4 ways

Ok, plait is just another word for braid, but the alliteration with purple was so perfect I had to pair them!

Plaits are so simple and I really believe anyone can do them. The trends for braids / plaits continues with a focus on styles you can do in your own hair.

The three strand plait / braid

Hair Romance - three strand braid in purple hair

The building block of all braids, the three strand plait is formed by splitting your hair into three equal sections. Then cross the left over the middle, then the right over the left. Keep crossing the sections over and into the middle to form this classic hairstyle.

Next are three easy ways to modify the plait to create interesting new styles that look way more complicated than they are.

The three strand uneven plait / braid

Hair Romance - three strand uneven braid in purple hair

Instead of splitting your hair into three equal sections, make the middle section just the smallest piece of hair. Plait your hair as normal, and then once you’re done you can stretch out the sides of the larger sections to emphasise the difference. A simple and quirky twist on the plait.

The three strand plait with mini plait

Hair Romance - three strand braid with mini braid in purple hair

With this style, split your hair as for the uneven braid. Take the small middle section and plait it. Then plait all three sections together as normal.

Here’s a closer shot so you can see the detail of the mini plait. It adds such an interesting twist to this style.

Hair Romance - three strand braid with a mini braid in purple hair

The three strand plait with a plait

Hair Romance - three strand braid with a braid in purple hair

I love how this plait almost resembles a five strand braid but is so much easier to do. Start by splitting your hair into three equal sections then plait the middle section. Plait all three sections together and they seamlessly blend to create a much more complicated looking style.

The plait wreath bun

Hair Romance - the braid plait wreath bun

To form this circular bun I looped the three strand plait with a plait around and tucked the ends inside to form a round, open bun. Pin in place with bobby pins and a little spritz of hairspray will make this stay all day.

I love how the purple ombre hair contrasts against her dark brown hair.

I have to confess that purple wasn’t always my favourite colour but seeing it in Rosalie’s hair is making me change my mind!

Now it’s your turn, have you always wished for purple hair? Maybe you’ve tried it before? Share your beautiful confessions now and you could win a fantastic purple prize pack! I love reading all the other tips and secrets that have been shared, and have put a few of my own up there too!

Are you on board with the purple hair trend for 2014? Which plait is your fave look?

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