Hair Romance Beauty Challenge – Thanks, but…

Hair Romance Beauty Challenge  – Thanks, but…
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I want to set you a little challenge for today…

Do you like to receive compliments?

Sure we all do, but how do you receive them?

We’re always told to say thank you when people pay us a compliment, but so often we follow it up with a ‘but’. As soon as the ‘but’ is out though, that compliment is completely undone.

You know how it goes: ‘Thanks, but I don’t think it suits me’ or ‘Thanks, but it’s not really what I was hoping it would be’ or ‘Thanks, but it was only cheap’.

I remember realising this for the first time – I’d decided to grow out my pixie cut and to help me through the awkward phase, I’d asked my hairdresser to change my hair colour. It was a statement and it got lots of attention. At first I replied to people’s compliments with a “thanks, but…” – like I always did.

The thing is I really enjoyed my new colour. I felt so alive with it, so different. My hair was white and pink and it made me realise if people wanted to say nice things about it, that was fine by me. The most important thing was that it made me happy.

These days if someone tells me they like my hair, my clothes, my bag or whatever – I feel much more comfortable accepting their kind words and letting those words make me feel better. After all, that’s the result I want when I give someone else a compliment.

It’s a nice thought that all those years ago I learnt to take a compliment and it was over me changing the colour of my hair. Now with Hair Romance, I’m involved with helping other women make changes to their hair and to be proud of who they are.

Whether it’s a different hairstyle, a new cut or a change in colour, be proud of who you are and the individuality you create. 


What is it about you that makes you individual? Do you have any weird beauty secrets? Schwarzkopf is celebrating your beauty confession on their new Be.YOU.tiful Confessions website. I’ve added a few of my hair secrets there and you can join in now too.

Say thank you…no buts

Now, my challenge to you today…

is to pay a compliment on to a woman you meet and make sure she accepts it. No buts!

And if you’re lucky enough to receive a compliment today, be gracious and just say thank you.

What makes you Be.YOU.tiful? Are you good at accepting compliments? Why, or why not?

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