Big Hair Friday – Blowing in the wind

Big Hair Friday – Blowing in the wind

Hair Romance - Big Hair Friday - Breezy

Happy Big Hair Friday!

This photo kind of feels like the week for me. I feel a little windswept but also breezy. I mean, it’s been crazy and I haven’t ticked off many items from my to-do list, but other things have happened that are pretty good.

I took this photo of my gorgeous niece last weekend. She kindly let me shoot some hair tutorials in her beautiful long hair that I’ll share soon. I think you’ll love them.

I’ve also shot some behind-the-scenes photos to share a tutorial on how I take my photos. Would you be interested in more behind-the-scenes posts about blogging? I’m often asked about it but wasn’t sure if you would want to read about it on Hair Romance. Let me know and I’ll get to it.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend xx

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