Best salon treatments to fix your dry, damaged hair

Best salon treatments to fix your dry, damaged hair

Hair Romance - Salon treatments to repair your hair

Colouring and heat styling your hair causes damage. No matter how careful you are, everything you do affects your hair.

To keep your hair looking shiny and feeling healthy you need to treat your hair. I like to do something nice for my hair every week to make up for all that it goes through. My hair isn’t naturally pink, so I have to take extra care to maintain my mane.

Weekly in-shower treatments like 7 Day Miracle will manage the stresses of normal styling but if, like me, your hair goes through a lot, you need to step it up.

That’s where salon treatments come in. These are like a facial for your hair, and some are almost as good as a facelift.

When do you need a salon hair treatment?

You need a salon treatment when you colour your hair, or when your hair is dry and dull. If your at-home treatment isn’t working like it used to, you should speak to your stylist to see what they can do for your hair.

After colouring, I usually get a Goldwell Vivecap treatment which is a leave-in treatment that helps lock in the colour so that it lasts longer. These only take a minute to apply at the basin and are left in your hair. They’re not expensive (price varies at different salons) but if you’re spending a lot on your colour, add this to help it last and look its best.

If you don’t colour your hair, you’ll still benefit from an in-salon hair treatment. It’s a treat for your hair, like getting a regular facial.

If you’re guilty of hair crimes, you need to bring out the big guns. I’m talking to you, with the bleach blonde hair, or the hair that’s dry and dull from too much heat styling. Intensive salon treatments can help repair your hair. 

Note, nothing will fix a split end except a haircut, but these two treatments can help you keep your hair for longer and stop split ends from starting.

Nanomax Hair Treatment Review

Nanomax Hair treatment review for damaged hair

Nanomax Hair treatment review for damaged hair

That glowing green brush did wonders for my hair. Nanomax is a unique hair treatment that infuses proteins into the hair through a mist that is released through the brush directly on to your hair.

Nanomax is a two stage process that is applied to clean hair. Your hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and then blowdried straight. The green brush is then used to apply first a conditioning treatment which takes a few minutes. Next a second product is applied to your hair as a vapour. The mist contains 99% active natural ingredients and the proteins infuse into your hair to make it stronger. It takes around 30 minutes to apply this second part of the treatment, depending on your hair.

The conditioning treatment lasts up to three washes and they say the protein infusion lasts up to five weeks in your hair. It’s recommended to have three Nanomax treatments, one per week for three consecutive weeks.

Unlike other salon treatment, my hair doesn’t feel softer or smoother after this treatment. However after leaving the salon my hair feels stronger and takes less time to dry (meaning my hair is less porous). Nanomax isn’t the treatment for you if you want a purely cosmetic treatment so your hair feels softer. It’s designed to repair damaged hair and the difference is noticeable on those with over-processed hair.

I’m pretty sure I would have needed a big hair cut if I hadn’t had this treatment as my hair was becoming quite porous and damaged. Nanomax is not cheap, but if you have over-bleached your hair, this treatment could save you.

Talk to your hairdresser to see if they offer Nanomax and whether this could help your hair.

Nanomax Hair treatment review for damaged hair

bhave rescue hair treatment review

Keratin treatments have been a salon buzzword for a while now but I have avoided them. I was unsure about the risks surrounding ingredients including formaldehyde but I was really afraid of losing my curls.

When I heard about bhave‘s rescue keratin treatment that involved no straightening I was intrigued. I asked to try the treatment for myself. The first pic above shows my before and after, as do the photos below.

Hair Romance - bhave rescue treatment before and after

I came in with very messy curls and asked for a blowdry after receiving the treatment so I left with silky locks. I know a blowdry gives a similar result but the feel of my hair was so different. My hair felt so much softer and smoother than when I walked in.

bhave is an Australian salon haircare brand. All their treatments and products are free from formaldehyde, parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride and are never tested on animals. They also offer a straightening keratin treatment called smoothe if you’re so inclined. I prefer the rescue treatment.

The beauty of the rescue treatment is that it didn’t affect my curls, but still made my hair smoother even when I wore it curly.

This treatment uses a functional keratin bhave calls Replicine. It’s derived from sheep’s wool and is almost identical to our hair. This penetrates the hair shaft and is designed to make the hair structure stronger and restore elasticity.

Application of the bhave rescue treatment is quite simple. After shampooing your hair, the treatment is applied to your hair and combed through. Your hair is wrapped in a plastic cap and placed under heat for 20 minutes. It’s then rinsed out and lightly conditioned before drying and styling.

This treatment is relatively inexpensive ($35-45) and has both a cosmetic and strengthening effect on your hair. The bhave Rescue Me shampoo and conditioner also contain Replicine so you can build on the treatment at home. My favourite product is the take home treatment masque, bhave Damage Control, which smells divine and leaves my hair feeling softer every time I use it.

Hair Romance - bhave micro camera

Hair Romance - bhave treatment before and after photos

More before and after pictures that Emma from bhave took of my hair using a special microscope camera. In the before photos you can see my hair is more translucent. The after pictures show a much stronger hair shaft, with more consistent and opaque colour as well as smoother texture. I’d recommend this treatment to counteract mild to medium environmentally stressed hair.

If you’ve been overdoing it with colour and / or styling tools, don’t leave it too long. Head into your salon and ask to be prescribed a treatment for your hair.

Do you love in-salon hair treatments? What do you use to save your damaged hair?

Disclosure – I received these treatments from Stevie English Hair, bhave and Alan Coban Salon but I liked them so much I decided to write about them.

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