Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair – Hairstyle Tutorials

Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair – Hairstyle Tutorials

Judging Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair was so much harder than I thought it would be. I’m just glad I didn’t have to choose on my own and from the stellar hair in the top 25, the final winner was the lovely Natasha Roberts. Did you know it’s the first time that a blonde has won competition too?

I shared a few sneak peeks from behind the scenes but I’ve only now realised I never shared the final editorial photos. I’ve also got all the styling tips and tutorials to recreate these looks in your hair.

Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair

Grant Withnell, Schwarzkopf’s national technical educator, designed four looks for the shoot that would show off the versatility of Natasha’s hair and highlight some of the key trends for hair right now.

Look 1 – The Faux Bob

Schwarzkopf Australia's Most Beautiful Hair -  Faux bob

Faux bob – How to get the look

Find my tutorial for the faux bob here and if you want to go even bigger, try the big bob hair tutorial.

Curl your hair first with a one-inch curling wand then follow the big bob tutorial to get a looser, more curly faux bob. 

This is a great style for parties and to freak out your friends!

Look 2 – Summer Days

Schwarzkopf Australia's Most Beautiful Hair - big beach hair

Beach Hair – How to get the look

How could you not feature beach hair in an Australian competition? It’s the quintessential Aussie look.

  1. If your hair is straight, start by curling all your hair with a one-inch curling wand. If you hair is wavy or curly, you can let your hair air dry instead.
  2. Spray your hair with a sea salt spray and scrunch it into the ends of the curls.
  3. Use a hair powder like Schwarzkopf Styling Powder to add volume. I like to give my hair a shake upside down to really get some body at the roots.

You don’t need to be so precise with this style. If you want to go a little more Brigitte Bardot, backcomb your hair lightly at the crown for a retro feel.

Look 3 – Playing With Colour

Schwarzkopf Australia's Most Beautiful Hair - pink hair

Bright Colours – How to get the look

You know I love bright colours in my hair, and pink looks so fabulous in blonde hair! You can find out more about pink hair here. You can also DIY using a semi permanent colour like Manic Panic or Schwarzkopf’s new Ultra Brights.

If semi-permanent is still too permanent for you, try hair chalk.

I’m working on a brand new tutorial to show you how to DIY pink hair at home so stay tuned for that very soon.

Look 4 – Braids

Schwarzkopf Australia's Most Beautiful Hair - braids

Braids – How to get the look

Could this trend be any more perfect for me? I LOVE braids. Natasha’s braid is made up of three Dutch braids around her head.

Check out my 30 Braids in 30 Days ebook to learn how to braid your own hair, and watch tutorials on my YouTube channel Hair Romance TV.

Which is your favourite look?

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