3 ponytails to try from NYFW

3 ponytails to try from NYFW

Love a ponytail? Take inspiration from these three runway ponytails from New York Fashion Week and try one in your hair this week.

Flower embellished ponytail at Honor

NYFW ponytail hair trends - Honor 1

NYFW ponytail hair trends - Honor 2

This playful ponytail looks like you’ve been romping around in a field, in the most fashionable way of course!

These flower pins are an easy DIY as the flowers are glued on to individual bobby pins and placed through your hair.

Sleek ponytails with a metallic cuff at Jason Wu

NYFW ponytail hair trends - Jason Wu metallic ponytail cuffs

Update your ponytail with a metallic hair cuff as seen at Jason Wu. Try these DIY hair cuffs or try the Lady Jayne hair cuffs.

Braided ponytails at Christian Siriano


NYFW ponytail hair trends - Christian Siriano ponytails

I love the contrast of the messy textured ponytail with the gowns at Christian Siriano. Take a section of your ponytail and make a regular braid and wrap it around the base of your ponytail to make your messy ponytail look intentional.

What’s your favourite hair trend from NYFW? Which ponytail is your style?

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