Vintage style – Classic French Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

Vintage style – Classic French Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

Vintage French Roll hairstyle tutorial - @HairRomance

Channel your inner Audrey with this simple and classic French Roll hairstyle.

I’m inspired by vintage hairstyles, but sometimes they can feel too costume-y to wear every day. The French Roll is a timeless hairstyle that works from day to night.

It’s chic enough for work or play, and you can master this style in minutes.

This version of the classic updo is very vintage, with the teased crown, but you can do a more casual version that you can wear with jeans and a T. Skip the backcombing and just pull all your hair back into the twist for an easy French roll upstyle

French Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

Vintage French Roll hairstyle tutorial - @HairRomance


It’s best to start with some texture in your hair for this upstyle. Second day hair is best, or spray some dry shampoo through your roots and midlengths to add texture. If your hair is freshly washed, use a volumising mousse and blow dry it into your hair before starting this style.

  1. Section the top of your hair. Take a section level with your temples, and clip up out of the way. This will be teased back over the twist later.
  2. Gather the rest of your hair down into a twist.  Twist it tightly at the nape of your neck.
  3. Twist it up. Flip the twist up and keep twisting the ends of your hair so that your hair is tight against the back of your head. This forms the back of the roll.
  4. Tuck the ends of your hair inside the roll. Fold the ends of your hair down and tuck them in under the roll.
  5. Pin it in place. Use bobby pins or hair pins to secure the roll in place.
  6. Now for the top section. Unclip the top section of your hair and begin to backcomb from your crown forward. This is where you can have some fun. Make it as big as you like!
  7. Comb it back. Smooth over the top layer of hair gently with a comb, while still keeping the volume underneath.
  8. Secure the top section over the roll. Gather the ends of your hair around, tucking the ends under and pin in place on top of the roll. You can also secure your hair with an elastic a few inches from the ends of your hair and tuck it all under. Pin through the elastic to keep it in place.
  9. Spray if you need it. Depeding on how big you’ve gone, you’ll need some hairspray, ok maybe a lot of hairspray, to keep it in place.

Style tip

To keep this style looking more modern, leave a few pieces loose around your face, and leave a few wispy pieces in the top section.

How to insert hair pins

Vintage French Roll hairstyle tutorial - @HairRomance

There’s a trick to inserting hair pins that will ensure your roll stays in tight and stays up all day.

Rather than inserting the pin straight into the roll, bring it across from the right side. Insert the ends of the pin in the roll, flip the pin 180 degrees, then push it into the roll.

By flipping the pin over, it creates tension in the roll that holds it in place.

Try this hair pin trick with all your upstyles for a stronger hold.

Vintage French Roll hairstyle tutorial - @HairRomance

Do you love vintage hairstyles? Where would you wear the classic French Roll?

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