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Choc mint toothpaste is real

Chocolate toothpaste is real! And it’s awesome. Can someone please tell me where I can buy it? My friend’s sister brought this back from the US and we need more!

This post about how to get rid of blind pimples by The Plastic Diaries is very timely for me. Why are they so painful too?

Phyrra reviews the new My Beauty Bunny AHA Moisturiser which sounds perfect for my oily skin.

How to look good in pictures.

How to argue with your partner.

I love freckles but would never have thought to draw them on. This tutorial show you how.

These 5 delicious peanut butter recipes are making me hungry!

Feeling fruity over these pineapple earrings and these strawberry studs!

Xssat catches 5 minutes with the gorgeous Alexandra Richards.

This week I bought my first jumpsuit since I was a kid. I’m wearing it tomorrow to the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Now I’m a jumpsuit convert. I also love this style as the wide shoulders would balance out my hips. #addtocart

Here’s what else I got up to last week. As I was travelling we wrote about what it’s like when your partner is away for work, and I was glad Jim kept himself busy making this 5 hour slow cook curry. Yum!

What have you been reading / loving this week?

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