The one makeup item I can’t bear to leave the house without

The one makeup item I can’t bear to leave the house without

Hair Romance - Rope twist headband braid

I am obsessed with good eyebrows.

Ever since I learnt about the power of a good brow from Rae Morris, I put down my tweezers and was determined to grow my brows back to their former glory.

I rediscovered my brows thanks to the talented Lien Davies and her Ultimate Brow Shape formula.

I’ve never had “Cara Delevingne” brows and my brows are actually quite fair so I always fill them in. I have one or two gaps from my tweezing and waxing days that I’m hoping will eventually grow back. Until that time I use a very fine brush and a Bobbi Brown matte eyeshadow to fill in the gaps using very fine hair-like strokes.

I know it sounds crazy, but even if I’m exercising or wearing no makeup, I still touch up my brows. I can’t bear to leave the house without my brows looking good.

There’s magic in a great brow that frames your eyes and makes you feel more “done”, even on those no-makeup days.

If I only had 30 seconds to do my makeup, I’d next grab my concealer and a tinted lip balm that I could apply on the run.

I’d love to know what makeup item you can’t bear to leave the house without, leave me your favourite products in the comments. Are you a lash girl? Or is blush or lipstick more your thing?

PS. You can find the tutorial for my rope twist braid hairstyle here xx

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