The compromise hairstyle – half up and half out braid tutorial

The compromise hairstyle – half up and half out braid tutorial

Hair Romance - double braid side sweep hairstyle

This double braid side swept hairstyle is the perfect compromise between wearing your hair up an down at the same time.

I shot this tutorial as I was getting ready for my friends’ beach wedding. You may have seen this pic if you follow me on Instagram. Don’t worry, I’ve got a tutorial on the other braid coming up soon too!

It was a perfect summer’s day (meaning: hot) and it can be breezy at the beach so I didn’t want to wear all my hair out. However I had just had my hair done and it would be a waste to put a good blow dry up.

Hair Romance - side swept double braid hairstyle

This double braid side swept hairstyle is the ideal compromise. My hair was off my neck to keep me cool, but I still felt like I was wearing it out.

It stayed in place all day, and that day involved a big party and a  lot of dancing. Find out how to do this style in your hair with my tutorial below.

Don’t worry if you can’t braid, I have some variations you can try too.

Double braid side swept hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance hairstyle tutorial - double braid side sweep hairstyle


Normally these side swept styles can be hard to keep in place but securing the braid with elastics and pins makes them keep the whole style together.

  1. Blowdry your hair. As most of your hair is out, you want it to be styled. I started with a day old blowdry, but this works in freshly washed hair too. I think this looks great with curled hair and I used a 1 1/2 inch curling wand to create these waves.
  2. Part your hair. Make a deep side part on right side, then make a part along the back of your head where the lower braids will be and clip the rest of your hair out of the way..
  3. Braid along your lower hairline. Starting just behind your ear, do a Dutch braid. Split your hair into three and bring the right under the middle, then the left under the right. Add in hair to the next section as you bring it under the middle and keep repeating these steps. You only need to braid 3/4 across your neck.
  4. Secure the first braid with an elastic. Use a small clear elastic to hold the end of your braid in place, and use bobby pins to hold your braid if it isn’t sitting flat.
  5. Do a second Dutch braid over the first. Let the clip down and start the second Dutch braid level with the top of your right ear. Follow the steps as for the first braid but only braid to the middle of your head. You want to make sure you leave enough hair out for the left side.
  6. Secure the second braid with an elastic. After you have braided to the middle of your head, stop adding in hair and do a few steps of a regular braid. Secure the end of your braid with a small clear elastic.
  7. Stretch your braid out! Always my favourite step as it makes your hair look thicker and emphasises the shape of your braid. Pull gently at the sides of your braids to widen them.
  8. Pin the braids in place. Lift up the left side of your hair and pin the ends of your braids in place underneath. I also used some pins along the braid to help it to sit flat at the back of my head.
  9. Sweep your hair to the side. Sweep your hair over the ends of the braids and over your shoulder. You’re ready to go!

Hair Romance - double braid side sweep hair style


If you’re having trouble braiding, do a regular braid (plait). Use bobby pins to pin these across the back of your head.

If a plait is too hard, twist it! Split your hair into the same sections but twist the sections along and pin them in place with bobby pins.

You can find my tutorial to create these waves here.

Hair Romance - double braid side swept hairstyle

Love the way this style combines braids but feels like I’m wearing my hair out.

By the way, I’m wearing this necklace and this dress.

Let me know if you try this style in your hair!

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