Team Red – How I changed my hair from blonde to red

Team Red – How I changed my hair from blonde to red

So I’m a redhead!

Hair Romance - new red hair

Hair Romance - new copper red hair

Hair Romance - my new red hair

Hair Romance - my new copper red hair

What do you think?

My hair has been through a lot over the last month and I have some fun hair colour stories to share with you next week. Let’s just say my hair goes through a lot anyway!

After some red hair encouragement on Instagram I decided to just do it.

I think my hairdresser (Stevie of Stevie English Hair) was just a little excited when I told him. He’s been suggesting it for a while but I was scared to stop being blonde. I am kind of obsessed with blonde hair after all.

So with so many colours in my hair, going darker required a few steps to ensure an even colour result.

Stevie created foils with my blonde hair, just using conditioner on the ends and using a high lift tint on the roots. These foils are mainly around my face and a few through the top sections.

Next he applied a permanent colour on my roots to colour my natural hair. All over he applied a medium depth colour to unify my blonde hair so that on the next step the resulting colour would be even. Blonde hair can be very porous so it’s important to fill the hair so that the colour lasts longer and has an even shade down the length of your hair.

My final colour was applied to the rest of my hair over the previous filler colour to achieve this copper red.

Now this is paraphrasing Stevie just a touch but I just wanted to share that it’s a lot more than just putting a red rinse over my hair. Stevie used Original & Mineral colour on my hair which I love because it is ammonia free and low chemical.

I am still expecting some colour fade as my hair is so light underneath but we’ll see how it goes. At least I can give those colour save shampoos a good test for the next couple of weeks.

I still get a shock when I catch it in the mirror but I like it. I still had an idea that I would go back to blonde but now I’m not so sure. I might stay on Team Red.

Have you ever gone from blonde to red? Did you stay a redhead or have you gone back to blonde?

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