Short hair colour trends

Short hair colour trends

Hair Romance - short hair inspiration - blondes

Every time the seasons change I think about changing my hair colour. With long hair, I need to be more considered but with short hair I loved making major hair colour changes.

Short hair is younger hair. By younger, I mean that it has only been growing for a year or two. When your hair is long it can be over five years old, and think of everything it has had to put up with in those last 5 years! That’s why long hair is more fragile, and can’t handle the drastic changes as easily as short hair.

So if you’re thinking about changing your hair colour, what would you choose? De Lorenzo’s Education Manager, Megan Yabsley, predicts these three colour trends should try now: Subtle Brights, Red Hot and Ice White.

My favourite is the first photo – Subtle Brights. Perfect for blondes or those with pre-lightened hair, adding in soft pastel highlights warms your colour and adds a hint of cool. I love pastel purple tones in brown hair or pinks and peach tones in blonde hair.

Hair Romance - hair colour trends - reds

Next up – Red Hot. Anyone can go red but it’s about picking the right tone for your skin. Blondes should try strawberry tones and brunettes look great with a warm red layered over so their natural highlights shine through. Go bright with copper or keep it subtle with nutmegs.

Hair Romance - short hair colour trebnds - platinum

Ice White is perfect for short hair. That’s not to say you can’t try platinum in long hair, but the maintenance is much harder. Platinum best suits cool, yellow toned complexions. Find more platinum short hair inspiration here.

Do you change your hair colour with the seasons? What’s your favourite of these colour predictions?

Images by De Lorenzo

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