Salon Advice – Help! My hairdresser has lost interest – what should I do?

Salon Advice – Help! My hairdresser has lost interest – what should I do?

Hair Romance salon advice - when your hairdresser loses interest
Have you ever been in the situation where things were really good with your hairdresser but then started to change, and maybe even gone from bad to worse?

I received a great email from Marilynette asking for some salon advice. Like me, she has a great respect for hairdressers and is obsessed with her hair. In her email she wrote:

I found a new hairdresser and just loved her. She got the color exactly right and the cut as well, plus she does a fabulous blowout.

But here’s my question, why is it that after some 6 to 8 times with a hairdresser, just when you think things are going very well, they seem to lose interest?

That’s a really good question and something I’ve noticed on occasion too. I believe each situation is different and depends on the hairdresser too.

In some cases, I think your hairdresser can become comfortable. They think they have you as a regular client so they don’t bring their ‘A’ game to every appointment.

I mean, it’s ok to have an off day. No-one is good at their job 24/7, especially when they have to be highly creative and technical at the same time. And stand on their feet all day. It’s just not possible. I agree with Marilynette that once they think you are a regular, they stop trying to win you over and can let mistakes happen.

It’s hard for most people to mention it to their hairdresser. I’m not particularly confrontational and it can be difficult to discuss with them.

The consultation is key

One thing I try and do is make sure I still have that consultation before the appointment starts every time. Even if it’s for a trim. I think setting those expectations that you want your hairdresser to run through the process with you makes them a little more aware of what they’re doing too.

Managing the expectations is a two-way street and the consultation is key to keeping a happy relationship with your hairdresser.

But if that’s not the issue…

Now in Marilynette’s case, she had done this. Marilynette explained that at her last appointment she’d asked for a change, had a consultation but walked out with a hair disaster.

Now in this case, it’s up to you and depends on how you feel. I’d be inclined to give your hairdresser another chance to fix your hair.

Or if you feel that things at the salon have changed, and this is the reason for the problems it may be time to look for a new hairdresser.

Has this ever happened to you? What is your advice?

Or if you’re a stylist, what’s your side of the story?

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