Reader question – How to deal with an uneven hairline

Reader question – How to deal with an uneven hairline

Hair Romance - how to deal with an uneven hairline

As I’m always doing updos, you see a lot of the back of my neck.

A lovely reader, Ruth, wrote to me with a question about dealing with an uneven hairline.

Dear Christina,

I really enjoy Hair Romance and I have a question you might be able to answer (I’m happy to see my response on your blog if that makes more sense than an email). Whenever I put my hair back in a braid I get neck hairs sticking out all over the place. Do I need to use hair spray or some other product to make my braids look neat, or is my hair not strong enough so that it’s broken and I have lots of short hairs? I wonder if most people don’t have the baby hairs sticking out because their hair is long enough to tuck into their braids. My husband suggested shaving my neck hairs but I don’t think that’s the route most women take!

Thanks for the work you do!


Thanks so much for your email, Ruth!

It’s really normal to have an uneven hairline on your neck. Mine is probably about average but my friend has a really low hairline. She also has very dark hair so it’s more noticeable.

You shouldn’t worry about it (and neither does my friend).

If it is really bothering you, at your next haircut you can get your stylist to trim it but it’s not necessary.

A great product I love to keep those hairs in line is the touch up fly-away tamer.

Or you can just use hairspray on a toothbrush to carefully tuck those hairs into place when you wear your hair up.

I don’t think those hairs are broken; they’re normally just from new hair growth (I sometimes call them baby hair).

It’s because they’re short that you notice them more. It’s a good sign that your hair is growing.

Do you have an uneven hairline? Do you have any tips for Ruth on how to deal with updos?

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