How to use sea salt spray – Reader Question

How to use sea salt spray – Reader Question

Hair Romance - how to use sea salt sprays
Sea salt sprays offer the hope of perfect beach hair, but is it really that simple?

They may seem like a fad product but sea salt sprays do work. They are fantastic and quick ways to add texture and body to your hair, even if you’re miles from the sea.

I received a lovely email from Mary Anne after I wrote about sea salt sprays and Clemence Poesy’s hair. She writes:

Hi, I love your blog and follow you on Pinterest as well, thanks for all of the great hair ideas. 🙂

I have a question about the Short hair inspiration from Clemence Poesy – such a cute long bob. This is such a dumb question, but do you use the sea salt texturizing spray before you blow dry, or after you use the curling iron? Just the way it was written made me question the process. I love sea salt spray, by the way, and use it on damp hair, scrunch and go.

Thanks for the cute hair inspirations,
all the best,
Mary Anne

Hi Mary Anne!

That’s actually a really good question and it kind of depends on what your hair texture is like and what you want your hair to look like.

For the Clemence Poesy style, I would curl the hair first and then spray the sea salt on the finished look to scrunch it and mess it up a bit. This works if your hair is curly or straight, but really adds texture to straight hair.

You’re right to use sea salt spray in damp hair too. It’s a really versatile product and below are more tips on how to use sea salt spray for different looks.

@HairRomance - how to use sea salt spray

How to use sea salt sprays in dry hair

When to sea salt sprays in dry hair:

  • To add texture to all hair types
  • To mess up curls that look too perfect
  • To add waves to straight/wavy hair
  • To restyle hair on the second day, when it doesn’t need a wash but looks a little flat
  • To get that perfect bed-head hair

Tips for using sea salt sprays in dry hair:

  • Always use sea salt spray as the last step in your styling process. Finish blowdrying or curling your hair, and apply any serums or creams. Then use sea salt spray as the final spritz on the midlengths to the ends of your hair.
  • Don’t apply sea salt spray to your roots. Sea salt spray works best on the ends and midlengths on your hair. Lightly spritz it on the ends of your hair and shake your hair or scrunch it up in your hands to encourage the curl.
  • Spray lightly. Sea salt spray adds texture to your hair so is perfect for fine hair. But if you spray too much you risk weighing your fine hair down. Avoid spraying your roots and instead scrunch it into the ends of your hair.
  • Still need extra volume at the roots? Try a styling powder instead.
  • Skip the hairspray. Sea salt spray offers some hold so you won’t need to use a hairspray as well.

Remember that salt is drying on your hair and these products replicate that effect on your hair. It’s a good idea to condition your hair well after using sea salt sprays.

How to use sea salt sprays in wet hair

When to sea salt sprays in wet hair:

  • To enhance your natural waves or curls
  • To add texture to straight hair

Tips for using sea salt sprays in wet hair:

  • Apply to damp hair, not wet hair. It’s best to apply sea salt to towel dried hair, not when your hair is soaking wet.
  • Don’t rub your hair with a towel. If you have curly hair, be careful not to rub your hair with a towel as this will break up your curls and make your hair frizz. You’re aiming for texture but not frizz. There’s a small but distinct difference.
  • Spritz at the ends and midlengths of your hair. Then lightly scrunch it into your hair but try not to touch your hair too much.
  • Let your hair air dry. Let your hair dry naturally and once it’s dry you can scrunch the ends a little more to emphasise the texture.

Remember that sea salt sprays add texture and enhance curls, but only if you had something there to begin with. Spraying sea salt spray in really straight hair when it’s wet will add some texture, but you won’t get the same result. It’s best to let straight hair dry and then spray the sea salt in at the end to add texture.

My favourite sea salt sprays

Hair Romance - sea salt sprays

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray really makes you feel like you just stepped off a boat with perfectly windswept waves.

Pureology is the interesting one in this group as it’s salt-free but still gives you sea kissed texture. It’s designed for highlighted hair which is usually dry, and needs more care.

Schwarzkopf / Taft / Got2B (the name changes around the world) but the product is great value for the price, giving you surfer chic hair.

For perfect bohemian style, the David Babaii Boho Beach Spray is a classic.

Eleven is a new Australian brand that’s making waves (pun intended). Their Salt Texture spray smells divine but the range is currently only available in Australia.

Original & Mineral Surf Bomb is the bomb. Low chemical but high performance, this will make you look like an Aussie beach babe.

Leave me a comment telling me your favourite brand of sea salt spray and how you like to use it.

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