How to style your most beautiful curls

How to style your most beautiful curls

Get my tips on how to style perfect curls.

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Hair Romance - Before and after - curly hair style

I wish my hair was like Beyonce’s and I just #wokeuplikethis but it takes some tricks to get my curls to behave.

You’ll often see me wear my hair straight and that’s because it’s fun. I like to play around with my look. But I feel more “me” with curly hair.

I think my hair looks the most beautiful when I take the time to really style my curls. To help you get perfect curls, I’m going to share some of my best tricks that work every time.

Whether you’re naturally curly, or you just ate all your crusts hoping for your hair to curl, you can achieve your most beautiful curls.

Curly girls – it’s time to show Australia how beautiful our curls are!

Head over to Style Studio to find my curly hair tips and don’t forget to enter your locks for Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair.

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