Hairstyle tutorial for curly hair – the double bun

Hairstyle tutorial for curly hair – the double bun

Hair Romance - curly double bun tutorial

Looking for an easy style to pin up your messy curls?

This double bun hairstyle is super easy and keeps volume in your curls. It’s twice as fun as a regular bun and I like to keep it a little loose and messy, just like my curls.

Hair Romance - the curly double bun tutorial

I’m always looking for ways to keep my curls looking presentable, especially when it gives me an extra day without washing my hair. I mean, who has time to wash their hair every second day?

I let my curls dry naturally and used a mousse to in wet hair to help shape my curls. Then on the second (or maybe third?) day I pin them up in this style.

Hairstyle tutorial for curly hair – the double bun

Hair Romance - curly double bun hairstyle tutorial

For this style you’ll just need a few bobby pins. You can also use some hair elastics to separate your hair before the buns if your hair is long but I didn’t need them in my hair.

My hair still had enough volume but sprinkle a little styling powder (like Schwarzkopf Volume Powder) at the roots to add some texture and height at the front.


  1. Split your hair into two sections at the back.
  2. Take the left section and twist it around into a low bun at the side. Position the bun just under your left ear.
  3. Then take the right section and twist this around to form a bun adjacent to the first bun.
  4. Pun the buns together with a couple of bobby pins.
  5. Style your fringe/bangs. You can pin them back into the finished style or leave them loose. If they’re a little messy, use a small curling iron to reshape them.

Hair Romance - curly double bun hair tutorialHair Romance - curly double bun hair style tutorial

This is a super quick and easy style for work and is great for medium length to long hair. I’d say it only takes me two minutes at most to do, maybe even less if my fringe doesn’t need any styling.

Curly girls, give this a try in your second (or third) days curls and let me know how you go!

If you have straight hair, this will also work in your hair. You can use a curling wand to add texture before you start, or make the style more smooth and sleek.

If you try this style, tag me in your photo #hairromance so I can see your pics.

What’s your favourite hairstyle for messy curls?

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