Hairstyle tutorial – Double knot detail

Hairstyle tutorial – Double knot detail

Hair Romance hair tutorial - double knot details

Today’s tutorial is as easy as tying a knot.

I love this simple way to pin back one side of your hair. It’s perfect for any length hair as it works in lobs to long hair. Big thanks to my gorgeous niece for letting me play with her hair again!

Hairstyle tutorial – Double knot detail

Hair Romance - double knot hairstyle tutorial


This style works in straight, wavy or curly hair. Start by preparing your hair as you want to wear it out.

  1. Take a two inch section of hair on the top of your head, and split it into two equal sections.
  2. Loop them around and tie a knot in your hair.
  3. Repeat, tying a second knot just below the first knot.
  4. Secure with an elastic band just below the second knot.
  5. Stretch the knot to make it look thicker and wider.
  6. Pin the knot in place with a bobby pin.

You can tie the knot in a reef knot (ie. left over right then right over left) but I like tying it right over left, then right over left. Experiment and see which way you like to wear it.

Hair Romance - double knot hairstyle detail

This double knot adds a sweet detail to your hair when you would normally just wear it out.

It was so windy when we were trying this style so it looks a little messier than I had planned. The wind did make for some fun photos like this Big Hair Friday and this shot below.

Hair Romance hair tutorial - breezy double knot details

Unless you want this windswept look, it’s best to practice this style inside first. It still looks fantastic no matter what the weather!

If you like this style you can also try my double knot ponytail tutorial and my double knot half ponytail tutorial.

I would love to see a photo if you try this in your hair! You can tag your photos #hairromance on Instagram so I can see them xx

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