Do you need to see a curl specialist if you have curly hair?

Do you need to see a curl specialist if you have curly hair?

Hair Romance - How to get a great curly haircut

All curls are not created equal. Finding a hairdresser who understands this can be tough.

I know, I’ve had several bad haircuts in my time.

I had an email from a lovely reader asking about curly haircuts:

Just discovered your blog and love it! I’m just recently trying to really embrace my curly hair after years of straightening it and fighting with it .. My question is about your haircut, what is it called or how can I explain this to my hairdresser? Also, is your hairdresser we’ll versed in cutting curls or is she just a “regular” stylist (that’s what mine is). Would you recommend finding a stylist that specializes in curls? 

I currently have a shoulder length “lob” that looks great when straight but not so much when it’s natural .. Help! 

It’s hard to find a balance between a haircut that suits both curly and straight hair. I wrote about my haircut here, as pictured above, with tips on how to get a great curly haircut.

At the moment I have a different haircut as my hair is longer and I have less layers. It’s all about finding a style that is easy for you to manage and get good hair quickly each morning.

My hairdresser is just a ‘regular’ stylist, but does a fantastic job with curls. Some stylists are just better than others when it comes to cutting hair.

It could be that they are more interested in curly hair, or have a varied client list that’s full of curls. You can find out by asking these questions of a new hairdresser to see if they love cutting curls.

Depending on the type of curls you have, you probably don’t need to a see a “curl specialist”.

A few friends have gone to specialist curl salons and haven’t loved their hair. One friend even called it the worst haircut she’d ever had. She described the haircut as him randomly chopping at bits of hair and leaving her with an uneven haircut and huge bill to pay.

Curl stylists who only cut hair dry don’t make allowances for the different ways that you style your hair. They assume your curls will always behave in the same way or that you’ll always wear your hair curly.

I am a big fan of curly specialists but I believe they best suit people with very curly hair. Those with a wave or more open curl don’t always get the best haircuts there in my opinion.

As for your cut, a lob is a great cut for straight or curly hair. You maybe just need a little reshaping or some styling tips. Ask your hairdresser at your next appointment.

Are you a fan of dry haircuts? Do you believe curl specialists are the only ones that should look after curly hair? 

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