Curly hairstyle tutorial – rolled headband updo

Curly hairstyle tutorial – rolled headband updo

Hair Romance - curly hairstyle tutorial - headband roll

Today’s tutorial is really easy and quick and perfect for messy curly hair days.

That’s pretty much the trifecta for hairstyles that I can do in the morning – easy, fast & no prep needed.

This hairstyle has been on high rotation for me. Following on from last week’s curly hairstyle tutorial I thought I’d share more hairstyles in curly hair. I’ve already got one ready for next Tuesday.

Hair Romance - curly headband updo

You may recognise this hairstyle as it’s very similar to my chic rolled updo tutorial. I thought I’d shoot the tutorial again in my curly hair to show you it can work in all different hair types.

Curly hairstyle tutorial – rolled headband updo

Hair Romance - curly hairstyle tutorial - rolled headband upstyle


You’ll need: An elasticated headband that will sit firmly around your head and a couple of bobby pins.

  1. Place your headband over your hair. Push it down so that it sits low around your head, below the occipital bone (that’s the bone that curves in at the back of your head).
  2. Tuck your hair around the headband. Take 1-2 inch sections of hair, starting near your ear, and curve them around. Tuck the ends of your hair underneath the headband and keep tucking your hair in until it forms a roll.
  3. Finish tucking in your hair at the back. Work from each ear back and finish the roll by tucking in the last section at the back of your head. This helps to create a more uniform and even roll.
  4. You can use some bobby pins to keep the style in place. Leave your bangs or front layers loose or you can pin then back into the roll too.

Hair Romance - curly hairstyle tutorial - easy headband roll

Styling Tip

  • If you want better curls on the second day, try my “pineapple” trick for curly hair.
  • The headband choice is the most important part of this hairstyle. Choose a headband that is partly elasticated so it’s easier to tuck your hair inside.
  • If your headband is slipping, place some bobby pins across the headband to hold it in place in your hair.

Hair Romance - curly hairstyle tutorial - the headband roll

What’s your trick for making second day curls look good? What hairstyles do you wear when your hair is a mess?

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