Braids for Days WIN with Schwarzkopf

Braids for Days   WIN with Schwarzkopf

If I could choose just one hairstyle to wear forever it would have to be braids.

Brought to you by Schwarzkopf

Hair Romance - Braids for days

I could wear braids for days without ever repeating a style. No matter where I’m going or how I’m feeling, there’s a braid for every occasion.

But with so many ways to wear braid, where do you start?

Let’s start with the fishtail braid.

Fishtail braids look like the most complicated braids but they’re really the easiest to do.

For French and Dutch braids, you have 3 sections to juggle but with fishtail braids you only have two. Once you get the hang of the criss-cross pattern, you can do this braid with your eyes closed.

I’m sharing tutorial for three amazing braids over on Style Studio to inspire you to enter Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair.

Hair Romance - upside down braid bun - how to

Snap a photo of your favourite braid to enter the Braids for Days challenge. You could win a fab fashion shoot with Tash & Elle from They All Hate Us blog as well as $2000 spending money.

There are also amazing category prizes so what are you waiting for?

Snap a hair selfie now and enter Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair here!

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