Big Hair Friday – Windswept

Big Hair Friday – Windswept

Big Hair Friday - Windswept

Beautiful windswept image by Berta Firsich

Happy Big Hair Friday!

I think I’ve just had one of those weeks where I can’t wait for the weekend! I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail and my hair is blowing everywhere.

At the moment it feels like I have too many ideas but not enough time to do them all. It’s a much better problem than no ideas at all. I just need to detangle and find my way through to braid all the pieces together. At least a few hair puns will help, right?

I want to get my focus back to helping you to love your hair. Each week I’m creating new tutorials but I want to create a new series to talk through and find answers for your hair problems. What stops you from loving your hair every day?

Tell me in the comments below what hair problems you have or hair questions you would like answered.

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