Big Hair Friday – Chanel Cruise Dubai

Big Hair Friday – Chanel Cruise Dubai

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Happy Big Hair Friday!

Oh Karl you’ve done it again.

How amazing is the big hair for the Chanel Cruise show in Dubai?

Created by the legendary Sam McKnight, there were two distinct looks for the Chanel Cruise collection. In Sam’s words,

“The two looks were inspired by Karl thinking of Marisa Berenson and Arabian Princesses.

This was a highly stylised idea of a late sixties early seventies rich chic, brought into the teenies with a more natural less stiff finish.”

How to get the look – Big curls at Chanel Cruise Dubai

  1. Spray your hair with hairspray. Sam used Sebastian Forte spray.
  2. Use a small curling iron to curl your entire head in barrel curls. Pin the curls in place to set and leave them for as long as possible. At least until the hair is completely cool.
  3. Remove the pins and backcomb at the roots for extra volume. Sam used Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray while backcombing.
  4. Gently brush out your curls with a Mason Pearson brush. Sam teased even more to add volume, separating some curls with his fingers and leaving others.
  5. Spray all over with Sebastian Forte spray for final hold.

How to get the look – Big hair at Chanel Cruise Dubai

  1. Blowdry your hair back off your face. Sam used L’Oreal Techni pli volume mousse to add volume and hold to the blowdry.
  2. Then backcomb really high on the top of your head. Sam again used a spritz or two of the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to help with teasing the hair.
  3. Gently smooth over the top of your hair to create the bump on top. Sam says to leave the lengths and ends more or less unbrushed and imperfect to modernise the look.
  4. Finish with a spray of Sebastian Forte spray.

There were also a few hair pieces added in to the models with short or fine hair. Same wanted to create “exaggerated volume” which I love.

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Which is your favourite look – curly or straight?

Images via Buro247

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