Australian Hair Fashion Awards Finalists 2014

Australian Hair Fashion Awards Finalists 2014

Australian Hair Fashion Awards

Hairdressing is a creative profession.

For most hairdressers, however, their normal day in the salon is pretty conservative. There’s a trend for short hair and bright colour at the moment, but most of us just want a trim and maybe some highlights.

All that creativity has to go somewhere and that’s why I love the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. It’s a celebration of the whole industry and really allows hairdressers to go all out and express themselves using hair as their medium.

Today the finalists for the Australian Hair Fashion Awards were announced and I got a glimpse at some of the amazing work from those talented stylists who were nominated.

Missy Veyret and Frank Apostolopoulos - AHFA 2014

Frank Apostolopoulos, current Australian Hairdresser of the Year (for the second consecutive year) is a major force in the Australian hair industry. He created two looks at the launch focusing on creating texture in the hair. These looks are quite editorial but the styles are actually very achievable and wearable.

It was also great to see Missy Veyret assisting Frank. Missy is also nominated for Apprentice of the Year and I can tell you she’s one to watch. I met her the first day that she trialled at Stevie English Hair and you could see her spark and talent.

Frank Apostolopoulos - AHFA 2014

Looking for big hair? Frank’s technique of blowing the hair up with your dryer while misting it with hairspray is genius. You can build up the layers of volume in your hair and when you smooth it down for your finished look you still have that texture in your hair.

Taken it too far? Brush it out with some dry shampoo to take your hair back down to normal size.

Model at Australian Hair Fashion Awards launch 2014 Model from Australian Hair Fashion Awards launch 2014

The other look Frank presented was the textured faux bob. I love how he curled the hair first then brushed it out to create that texture before teasing her hair and pinning it into a graduated bob shape.

Models at Australian Hair Fashion Awards launch 2014

The Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA) will be held in Sydney on Monday 31 March. Tickets are available here.

Grab a copy of the next issue of The Journal Mag to see every single photo from every nominated artist for the AHFA.

Inspiration overload.

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