7 hairstyles in 7 days

7 hairstyles in 7 days

Hair Romance - 7 hairstyles in 7 days

How many different hairstyles do you wear in a week?

I decided to accept the Hair Dare as challenged by Fox in Flats and surprised myself.

As much as I know I can do 30 hairstyles in 30 days, on normal weeks I tend to fall into a hair rut too.

Now my 7 day hair dare wasn’t all smooth sailing as I did repeat myself on Day 6, but I added in an extra style to make up for it.

Here’s a week in my hair…

Day 1 – The top knot

Hair Romance - a week in my hair 1

The top knot is one of my favourite go-to hairstyles. I usually wear this style a couple of days every week.

I was a bit disappointed to use this style up on Day 1 as I knew I would have to come up with more ideas for the rest of the week.

I’m wearing hi-vis as I was on a warehouse tour of a hair products factory. A pretty interesting day for one of my standard styles.

You can find my tutorial for how to style a giant top knot here.

Day 2 – Big curls

Hair Romance - a week in my hair 2

Hair wash day! I washed my hair and let it do its thing.

My hair is naturally curly and I like to mix it up between wearing it curly or straight. Lately I have been wearing it curly as I want to avoid excess heat styling. My hair is a bit damaged and I had to have a few inches chopped so I’m being nice to my hair so that it will grow back.

On day 2 I went to a product launch for a certain anti-frizz product and I can tell you my hair felt like a beacon in the room! But at least I have the right kind hair to put it to the test. More on that soon…

Find my tutorial on how to style curly hair here. The only difference with today was that I let my hair air dry completely so as to avoid using heat.

Day 3 – Half crown braids

Hair Romance - a week in my hair 3

The crown braid is one of my favourite second day styles for curly hair.

My hair had stood up to a night of sleep well as I’d “pineappe’d” it using my trick for waking up with great curls. I wanted to pull some of my hair back and off my face so this style is perfect.

A little spritz of dry shampoo at the roots and some serum in the ends and my hair was good to go for another day. This hairstyle went from work to a lunch meeting to running errands and out with the girls at night.

I even made a video tutorial for half crown braids in curly hair. You can also find my half crown braids tutorial for straight hair here too.

Day 4 – The high crown braid

Hair Romance - a week in my hair 4

Day 3 is usually when I go to my upstyles and more complicated braids to keep my hair out of the way. I chose my high crown braid to keep my messy curls up and out of the way.

I wore this hairstyle to a casual BBQ at a friend’s place and it stayed in place all day and night.

You can find my high crown braid tutorial here and I can tell you it does get easier the more you practice. I have it down pat now and this only takes me a few minutes to do.

Day 5 – Side swept curls

Hair Romance - a week in my hair 5

Time to wash my hair again! I went back to big curls and in an effort to not repeat a style I made some subtle changes.

A deep side part added some more height at the top and I swept all my hair over to the side. I added a couple of bobby pins at the back to keep this style in place.

It was a fairly casual day without too much running around so this style was easy. You can add a twist or braid at the back to keep all your hair in place if you know you’ll be running around a lot.

Day 6 – Side braid

Hair Romance - a week in my hair 6

Actually this is a where I cheated. Day 6 my curls were still perfect (see I told you that pineapple thing worked!) so I just wore them out to a family picnic. The didn’t need much styling, just a spritz of leave in conditioner to reshape a few flat curls and I was good to go for another day.

So Day 7 is actually the side braid for Day 6. This hairstyle is a classic French braid worn deep at the side of my head. It’s a little more interesting than your normal French braid and I love the texture from my curls.

Try this Dutch side braid hairstyle tutorial for a similar style, and just reverse it to a French braid to copy this hairstyle.

Day 7 – Twisting Dutch braids

Hair Romance - a week in my hair 7

Ok so I knew I needed a pretty special bonus hairstyle as I had cheated on Day 6. This was also a big day as I was off to an event to meet Ita Buttrose.

I hadn’t left myself enough time to wash and restyle my hair so I went with a braid.

Believe it or not but this style only took me a few minutes to do. Braids are A LOT faster than washing and drying my hair.

It’s a made up braid as I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out. I started it like this twisting Dutch braid hairstyle tutorial but instead of creating S-curves, I made one big spiral braid around the outside and pinned it in the middle.

The best bit of that day? Ita Buttrose commenting on my updo during her talk and telling me that she loved it when we were talking afterwards. Day. Made.

What do you think of Day 7? Is it worth doing a full tutorial for this hairstyle?

Now my apologies for iPhone/instagram photos only as I wasn’t expecting to blog this. I had a couple of questions about the challenge on social media so thought I’d share a week in my hair.

Hope you found it interesting and why not accept Fox in Flats’ hair dare to wear a different hairstyle every day for a week. It’s fun!

What’s a week like in your hair?

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