5 signs you’re obsessed with being a blonde

5 signs you’re obsessed with being a blonde

I have an obsession.

I’m addicted to being a blonde.

My real hair colour is just mousy. To be honest, I’ve not really seen it since I was a teenager. I tried going darker for a while but my true love is blonde hair.

Every now and then I dabble with the idea of changing my hair colour but I can’t go through with it. I’m obsessed with being blonde.

Does anyone else have the same problem? I thought I’d share 5 signs you’re obsessed with being a blonde so you can identify your addiction too.

5 signs you’re obsessed with being a blonde

Hair Romance - 5 signs you're obsessed with being blonde

1. You’re fiercely loyal to your hairdresser

Once you get the perfect shade of blonde you don’t want to mess with it. It’s much harder to keep changing salons when you want to maintain a colour and so you are fiercely loyal to your hairdresser.

2. You’re a toning freak

You obsessively tone your hair every week. You can see brassiness that no-one else can. Even though the label says you only need to tone every 3-4 weeks, you’d never wait that long. You also own a ton of different violet shampoos and conditioners to tone your hair as often as possible.

3. You can see roots that no-one else can

You’re obsessed with maintaining the illusion of having “natural” highlights. You can practically see your hair growing and notice the first signs of regrowth. Lucky you’re so loyal to your hairdresser and have a regular appointment that you re-book each time.

4. You’re in love with hair treatments

You try every product on the market that promises to treat dry or damaged hair. You know that being blonde takes a toll on your hair but you’re will ing to take that risk. You search for miracle hair products that make your “natural” highlights feel like natural hair.

5. You never tell anyone how much it costs to maintain your hair

Being a blonde is expensive. Not only in money but also in time. You spend hours in the salon and fork out a lot of cash for toners, treatments and specialist products. But you know it’s worth it as you’re obsessed with being a blonde.

As Dolly Parton said, “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap!”

Dolly Parton quote

So confess, are you obsessed with being a blonde too? How did you know you were addicted to being a blonde?

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