25 things you didn’t know about me

25 things you didn’t know about me

Random facts about Hair Romance

Let’s get to know each other a little better!

I’ve seen this tag floating around on Instagram and on some other blogs like Beautyholics Anonymous and I thought I would join in too.

I love finding out more about my favourite bloggers and I love random facts. If you’re not interested, don’t worry, I’ll be back with more hair stories tomorrow. 🙂

25 Random things about me

  1. I love surprises. I love the excitement of surprises and I love guessing games too. On road trips, my husband makes me guess what he’s thinking of and he laughs at the random suggestions I come up with. I also love organising surprises for people but I get too excited and keeping it secret is so hard!
  2. I love birthdays – they’re awesome. I like to try and convert people who don’t like theirs. It makes me sad when people ignore their birthday. It seems such a shame not to have a special day just for you.
  3. I studied ballet for 10 years. I love all kinds of dance and also studied jazz for 5 years. I think I did a year of tap too but don’t ask me to do a routine! When I realised I’d never be the right build for a ballerina I decided to quit. I keep thinking about going back for some casual classes.
  4. Before I started blogging I didn’t read beauty blogs – I didn’t really know they existed! I was really into design and photography blogs. Now my Feedly reader is full of all different kinds of blogs. I just wish I had more time to read them all.
  5. I’ve lived in 4 different countries – Australia, Fiji, France and England. I grew up in Australia and lived in Fiji as a baby when my dad was working there. I went to high school in France and moved to England to be with my boyfriend (now husband) Jim. We love Australia but I still get itchy feet and love to travel.
  6. I was crowned the best-looking baby boy when we lived in Fiji! My mum shielded me from the truth saying that the other little girl was older than me, but really she was the best looking girl and I won the boy category. My sister revealed the truth a few years ago. The only thing that made me feel better was that I was the overall winner. It’s my only pageant claim to fame.
  7. I didn’t have any hair until I was 2. Even then I only grew baby fluff hair. I think this might have helped me win the trophy in Fiji!
  8. I had straight blonde hair until I was about 10 years old. Only then did it start to become wavy and eventually really curly. That’s why it took me so long to figure out how to style my hair. Maybe it helped me understand straight and curly hair better?
  9. I used to wear glasses. I had terrible eyesight and I had laser eye surgery to correct it. From time to time I actually miss wearing glasses. I’m thinking about just getting some frames to wear for fun.
  10. I like to see the big picture and I’m good at making decisions quickly. I love being creative and come up with lots of ideas. I just wish I had enough time to do them all.
  11. I’m not good at finishing things. I have so many unfinished projects! I get distracted by the next idea and have to force myself to come back and finish what I started. I need a deadline to get something done and always seem to be working right until the last minute.
  12. I love parties – especially costume parties. We have a bar at home and have hosted a few fancy dress parties. I love a good theme and love planning the food and decorations. My next party project is my birthday party; I didn’t have time to have one in December so I’ll have one in March instead!
  13. I always find a great spot to hang out at a party or bar. It’s a weird talent but it’s very useful. You’ll find me right in the middle of the action, and I’ll always be close to the food.
  14. I can paint my nails very quickly. Growing up, it was a joke in my family that Mum would only paint her nails as we were leaving the house. Now I understand why she would do it as they would dry while she was driving. I can now paint my nails really fast and so rarely get manicures. Instead I like to give myself a speed mani at home while watching TV or reading on my iPad.
  15. I mimic accents and the way people speak. I don’t mean to and if I actually try, it sounds all wrong. When I moved to England I had a full British accent in less than a month. If I’m talking to someone, I pick up their accent straight away. It’s embarrassing as it can look like I’m making fun of people.
  16. I love to travel. It’s a passion of mine and one of the reasons I started Mr & Mrs Romance with my husband. I love sharing travels stories and finding new places to visit. As I travel I often think about what it would be like to live in a place. I’d like to live overseas again for a while.
  17. I’ve travelled to 28 different countries and feel like I’ve hardly scratched the surface of places I want to visit.
  18. I love road trips. I’m an ok driver but I prefer to be the navigator. I love reading maps and planning out the journey. We’ve only got lost a few times but they have turned out to be pretty epic stories…
  19. I know how to develop film and print photos in a darkroom. I studied photography at school and university.
  20. My first job was as a sports photographer. I have always loved photography and I learnt a lot from a weekend job assisting a sports photographer while I was still at school. I went back to photography when I started Hair Romance.
  21. Hair Romance was only meant to be a side project. I’m so grateful that it grew and has become so much more. I never thought of myself as a writer; English was my worst subject at school. I fell in love with the visual side of blogging and now love everything about it. I have learnt so much about myself and about business since I started.
  22. I love heights. I love the feeling of being up high with an amazing view. The higher the better.
  23. I live in the city and love the convenience of having everything in walking distance. We don’t own a car anymore and just use cabs or hire a car when we need one.
  24. I love having fresh flowers at home. It’s a shame I’m terrible at gardening and have killed many houseplants – even succulents.
  25. I love swimming in big waves. Ever since I had laser eye surgery I love swimming in the sea. I love to float on the waves out past the breakers. The great thing about Sydney is the beach is so close to the city.

I’d love to know a little more about you so tell me something fun about you in the comments, or if you blog, leave a link to your post.

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