What to do when you’re stuck for hairstyle ideas

What to do when you’re stuck for hairstyle ideas

Hair Romance hairstyle how to - easy braided upstyle

Obviously, read my blog!

But seriously, you’re in the right place for hairstyle ideas.

This post may seem a bit obvious, but I had a great question from Adri who told me that she’s often stuck for hairstyle ideas. She just subscribed to my newsletter and it made me realise that new readers on Hair Romance may not know about how to find my best tutorials and hair ideas.

First off, check my hairstyle tutorial page. There are over 150 hairstyle tutorials in my archives.

But if you have something specific in mind, try searching for a style on my blog. There’s a search box in my sidebar (or near the bottom of the page on mobiles) which can help you find what you’re looking for.

My hairstyle ebooks are full of hairstyle ideas to get you out of any style rut. Try the 30 days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles for my signature Hair Romance hairstyle ideas. Learn all the basics for braiding your own hair in 30 Braids in 30 Days and then get creative. For my twist on the classics, 30 Buns in 30 Days will make sure your bun is never boring. There are over 100 hairstyle tutorials in my books!

I’ve also created a Pinterest board specifically for hairstyle tutorials. This is a fast way to scan for hairstyle ideas and find out how to do them. I curate my best tutorials as well my favourites from around the web. Also check out my easy & chic hairstyles for work board that has some hairstyle ideas for neat updos.

Create your own Pinterest board of your favourite styles. You can check it in the mornings when you’re short on inspiration. You can create a board for styles you’ve mastered, and ones you need to keep practising. Over time you can move those harder styles over to your everyday hair board.

You can also ask me or request a tutorial. I love hearing your hair questions, and I’ll answer them in a post for you.

Sometimes you just need to play around with your hair. Many of my favourite hairstyles are lucky accidents like my easy braided updo above.

Hope this helps you when you’re feeling low on hair-spiration! I’d love to hear which other blogs or websites you love to read for hairstyle ideas. Tell me in the comments below.

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