Top 14 Hair Tutorials of 2014

Top 14 Hair Tutorials of 2014

Hair Romance - the top 14 hair tutorials of 2014

Happy New Year! 

Hope you had a good one and 2015 is treating you well so far. I’m feeling a bit excited about the year ahead.

I tend to get a little sentimental at this time of year so I thought I’d look back through the top hair tutorials on Hair Romance in 2014 as clicked by you! I post new tutorials every Tuesday and these are the most popular hairstyle tutorials from the past 12 months on Hair Romance.

1. 7 easy hairstyle tutorials for wet hair

Hair Romance - 7 hairstyle tutorials for wet hair

I try not to style my hair when it’s wet but sometimes you need to get ready fast and don’t have time. These 7 easy and quick tutorials for wet hair will get your out the door looking good in the morning.

2. High braided crown hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - high Dutch crown braid hairstyle tutorial

Inspired by this editorial, this high crown braid hairstyle tutorial was pinned over 177k times! I’ve been practising so I can now do this style really quickly in my hair making it a regular fave in my hair-drobe.

3. Curly hair tutorial – Twist-tuck bun hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - Twist tuck bun hairstyle tutorial for curly hair

If you have curly hair, this twist-tuck hairstyle tutorial is a quick and easy way to put your hair up that’s perfect for work or school.

4. The Twist Back – easy half up hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - twist back hairstyle tutorial

The Twist Back half up hairstyle tutorial is perfect if you’re growing out your fringe / bangs and want to keep your hair off your face.

5. Easy knotted hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - Easy knotted updo hair tutorial

I love braids but this easy knotted hairstyle tutorial is a great alternative and is a fast way to tie up your hair.

6. Twisting braid hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - Twisting braid hairstyle tutorial

I’m often asked where I get my inspiration and in this case it came about from experimenting. My friend asked me to do her hair for a wedding and I was playing with her hair when I created this look. It seems tricky but with practice you can do this twisting braid hairstyle in your own hair.

7. Chic rolled updo hairstyle tutorial

How to do a low rolled updo by Hair Romance

I love this chic rolled updo tutorial as it has to be the fastest hairstyle ever. It takes less than a minute to do and you look like you spend ages getting ready. Win. I also styled this in curly hair to show that it works in all hair textures too.

8. Curly bun hairstyle tutorial – two ways

Hair Romance - braid or twist - curly bun hairstyle tutorial

I loved doing more curly hair tutorials this year. This easy curly bun hairstyle tutorial is perfect for any occasion. I’ve created two versions – one with a braid and one with a twist so you can choose which you prefer.

9. Curly hair top knot tutorial

Hair Romance - curly hair how to - the top knot tutorial

The top knot is one of my go-to styles on bad hair days. This curly top knot hairstyle tutorial has some tips for getting this to sit just right in curly hair.

10. Game of Thrones Hairstyle Tutorials

Hair Romance - Game of Thrones Hairstyle Tutorials - Sansa Stark

Are you a fan of GoT? I’m not the only one as these Game of Thrones hairstyle tutorials were really popular last year. What TV show or film would you like me to create tutorials for this year?

11. Two easy ways to pin back your hair

Hair Romance - secret hidden pin hairstyle tutorial

Try this secret hidden pin back hairstyle tutorial for an alternative way to keep your hair off your face.

12. Curly double bun hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - curly double bun tutorial

Two buns are better than one! Try this double bun hairstyle tutorial, it’s perfect for curly hair.

13. Dutch side mermaid braid hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - a Dutch mermaid side braid hairstyle tutorial

Why do mermaids have such great hair? I have never figured that out but I did create this mermaid braid tutorial which makes me feel a bit like a mermaid.

14. Braid cheat – Faux braided crown hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - easy faux braided crown hairstyle tutorial

Who doesn’t love a short cut? This braid cheat lets you do a crown braid without any French braiding skills required.

Bonus styling posts

I thought I’d also share some of the most popular styling posts to help you with these tutorials and with styling your hair.

5 tips for better braids

Hair Romance - 5 tips for better braids

Here are 5 tips for better braids especially for beginners.

How to use sea salt hair sprays

Hair Romance - how to use sea salt sprays

Sea salt sprays were a huge product trend last year. I break down the different ways to use sea salt sprays in your hair to achieve different looks.

How to get volume in curly hair without a hairdryer

Hair Romance - How to get volume in curly hair with out a hairdryer

I often use a diffuser but here are some tips on how to get volume in curly hair without a hairdryer prompted by a reader question. If you have any hair questions, drop me an email and I may answer it in a post for you.

Did your favourite style make the top hair tutorials list? Any requests for new tutorials this year?

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