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Whoa this week kind of got away from me! I had planned to fit in so much more and time just wasn’t on my side. Here’s to making up some of my to-do list next week.

Here’s what Jim and I got up to last week.

How to take photos of lightning with your iPhone (plus bonus shots of me jumping on a bed!)

I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that my husband has discovered how good day spas are.

Try my mocha coffee chocolate mousse recipe, it’s really good!

Dry, damaged hair? Try this DIY hair mask from Fox in Flats.

Amp up the volume and texture in your hair with this DIY sea salt spray from Blah Blah Zine.

How cute is this bobby pin hashtag.

On the latest Makeup Wars, beauty bloggers name their favourite eyeliners. Check out Gouldylox’s picks and check out the other bloggers linked in her post.

I NEED this cape, don’t I?

Catch up on all the highlights of Curls Week:

Curly top knot hairstyle tutorial
Common curly hair problems and solutions
Why did my hair change from straight to curly?
Why does curly hair curl?
How to style a curly fringe / bangs

Coming up next week: Blondes Week!

What have you been reading / loving this week?

Image via Fashion Gone Rogue

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