The easy 5 min trick for beautiful hair (and it’s free!)

The easy 5 min trick for beautiful hair (and it’s free!)

Hair Romance - the easy 5 min trick for beautiful

I was going to call this post ‘why you should give yourself a head massage’ but it didn’t seem as catchy.

Head massages are an easy and free trick to help you grow more beautiful hair.

A known Ayurvedic treatment, head massages have been used for thousands of years in India to groom hair, reduce stress and even cure illness.

My favourite part of going to the hair salon is hands-down the head massage. I sometimes treat myself to a blowdry just so I can go for a head massage. They are incredibly relaxing but they also do so much for your hair.

Why head massages will give you beautiful hair

  • Increased blood flow to the scalp – massage improves circulation to your hair follicles which helps them to function at their optimum level, and helps the new hair growth.
  • Gentle exfoliation of the scalp – massage helps your overall scalp health and the gentle exfoliation during the massage can treat dry scalp issues and clear blocked hair follicles. A healthy scalp means healthy, beautiful hair.
  • Distributes your hair’s natural oils – this strengthens your hair from the root but also moisturises your hair leaving it stronger and shinier.
  • Reduces stress – don’t underestimate the effects of stress. It’s one of the leading causes of hair loss and taking the time to massage your scalp not only helps your hair follicles, but helps you to relax.

Hair Romance - 5 tips for awesome head massages

After I’ve been to the hair salon, I wonder why I don’t have head massages more often. Sure, it’s nicer when someone else gives you a massage, but your head is one of the easiest places to massage yourself. There’s nowhere you can’t reach and you can get the exact pressure you like.

5 tips for awesome head massages

  1. Don’t rush. Take some time to really enjoy your head massage and to treat your whole head. Allow yourself to relax and you’ll really feel the benefits of massage.
  2. Work in circular motions. Move your fingertips in fluid, circular movements over your head. Work from the crown of your head out towards your hairline and back around.
  3. Rub your scalp. Use one hand to steady your head, and use the palm of your other hand to rub your head. Use short motions, back and forth to vigorously rub your scalp. Switch hands and repeat on the other side of your head.
  4. Massage your hairline. If you wear your hair up, this can be an area of tension and hair breakage. Massage will really help relax you and strengthen the fine hairs around your hairline.
  5. Use a treatment oil. Adding essential oils to your hair can make your hair easier to massage but they also can help with certain scalp conditions. Lavender oil and rosemary oil are moisturising and help stimulate hair growth. Peppermint oil gives you that tingly feeling and helps stimulate blood flow. Chamomile oil is soothing for a dry or itchy scalp and tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties are great for dandruff. However if you have oily hair, try lemon oil to balance your scalp.

How to find the time for a head massage

So now you know why head massages are so good for you and your hair, but how are you going to make it a regular part of your routine?

  1. Massage your scalp when you shampoo your hair. Give yourself a quick but thorough head massage when you wash your hair. Really make sure you reach all of your scalp, then let the shampoo just rinse through the ends of your hair. Take a moment to massage your hair after applying conditioner to the ends of your hair when you’re in the shower.
  2. Massage a treatment into your hair. If you have time before you shower, use a treatment like Darshana Oil or Kerastase Elixir Ultime and massage it into your hair before you wash your hair.
  3. In front of the TV – if you know you’re going to wash your hair the next day, give yourself a good head massage while you watch TV. Or better still, make your partner give you a massage.

Do you massage your hair? Do you also think the head massage is the best thing about going to the hairdresser?

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