Swept away – try this sweeping half French braid tutorial

Swept away – try this sweeping half French braid tutorial

Hair Romance - Half French Braid hairstyle tutorial

Inspired by this braid hairstyle, get swept away with this sweeping half French braid hairstyle tutorial.

My beautiful niece is lending me her hair for today’s tutorial. I wish we lived closer so I could do her hair every day! Wait till you see the hairstyle we created for her school formal.

This braid is a simple hairstyle that only takes a couple of minutes to do. It’s a chic way to wear your hair back but still leave your hair out.

It’s just a normal French braid but instead of adding in hair to each section, you skip a few so that your hair sweeps in from the front only.

Sweeping Half French Braid Tutorial

Hair Romance - French Braid hair style tutorial

What you need:

  • A small hair elastic


  1. Brush your hair to remove any knots.
  2. Start your braid near your crown. Take a good-sized section of hair at the top of your head to your crown and split it into three.
  3. Make a regular braid for 4 turns, then add hair from your hairline the way you would with a French braid. Sweep it back into your braid.
  4. Do the same on the other side and add hair from your right side hairline.
  5. Now continue the regular braid for another 4 turns then repeat stage 3 and 4 where you add in French braid sections.
  6. Finish in a normal braid (plait) and secure the end with a small hair elastic.

Hair Romance - French Braid hairstyle tutorial

Styling Tips

  • This style is beautiful in straight hair as you can clearly see the sweeping sections but it also works in wavy and curly hair too.
  • If you have short layers, this style probably isn’t going to work in your hair.
  • When you add in the French braid sections, pick up hair from near your hairline only so that you can sweep it back into your braid.
  • Try a full braid variation – I’ve left half of her hair out loose under the braid, but you could also add it all in and finish in a regular braid.

Hair Romance - partial French Braid hairstyle tutorial

Tell me, do you like this hairstyle? Where would you wear it? If you try this, share a photo with me! #hairromance xx

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