Reader Question: How do I revive my 2nd day curls back to life?

Reader Question: How do I revive my 2nd day curls back to life?

Hair Romance - How to revive curls for great second day hair

For most of my tutorials I talk about “2nd day hair” but how do you get great second day hair in curly hair?

I received a great question from a lovely reader, Cindy, who said:

The biggest issue I face with my hair right now is “2nd day hair”. I wash my hair every other day and my curl is very weak.  So on the 2nd day, I have what looks to me like bed head. I have a very difficult time bringing any curl back to life.

So how do you bring your curl back to life on the second day?

First off, I make sure I sleep with my hair up.

If my hair is down, it’s more likely to get knotted and tangled as I sleep. It’s sometimes called “pineapple-ing” and see my secret to waking up with great curly hair here.

Then I have a few tricks for reviving 2nd day curls.

The next morning I have a steamy shower. The moisture helps to bring my curls back to life. Depending on what product you used to style your hair, this can help reactivate the product too. You can also use a water spray bottle to dampen your hair to refresh your curls.

Hair Romance - Products to revive curls for great second day hair

If there are any tangles, I’ll use a leave-in conditioner spray to soften my hair. That way I can loosen any knots and re-shape any flat curls. I like Unite 7 Seconds Condition and Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance.

I’ve also discovered two fab products designed for exactly this purpose. Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist and Indola Innova Curl Restructuring Spritz are made for 2nd day hair. I spray them on my hair and twist any messy sections around my finger to reshape them.

Now there’s always a little frizz in second day hair but I don’t really worry about it. To tame any major fuzz, I use a serum or oil. Lately I’ve been reaching for bhave Riot Control Oil because it works and it smells amazing.

What’s your trick to revive 2nd day curls back to their original glory?

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