How to wear braids in short hair

How to wear braids in short hair

Hair Romance - how to wear braids in short hair

You can wear braids in short hair, and here’s how.

I’ve teamed up with the gorgeous Nella again to show you more ways to style your short hair.

Nella is the fabulous blogger at Beaute Gazette and the nail artist behind Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous (N.P.A.A). And she has amazing hair.

Last week we showed you 9 ways to wear a bob and this week we’ve got a couple of different braid ideas for you to try in your short hair. Actually these two ideas work in both long and short hair so everyone should try them!

How to wear braids in short hair

Hair Romance - how to wear braids in short hair

The first tip is to practice, but that’s boring right? Here are some more ways to incorporate braids in your short hairstyles.

  • Work with your longest sections of hair, usually at the front or on the top.
  • Vary the thickness of the sections you add in. Depending on your haircut, either a couple of large sections is all you need, or add in very fine, small sections to create a small intricate braid.
  • Dirty up your hair. You’ll find braids will stay better in hair that is a bit dirty, or had some grip. If you’ve just washed your hair, use dry shampoo or a texture spray or pomade to add in some hold for your braids.

How to get thick braids in short hair

Hair Romance - how to wear braids in short hair

With just two simple steps you can have MUCH thicker braids, no matter your hair length.

  1. After you’ve braided your hair, sprinkle a little styling powder on your braid. Apply it right in the centre of your braid and tap it gently into your hair so that it’s absorbed.
  2. S-T-R-E-T-C-H out your braid. Gently pull at the sides of your braid to make your braid wider and your hair look thicker.

I like to think of stretching your braid in the same way as adjusting your shoelaces: you start at one end and work gently down, then go back and readjust where you started. It’s a game of give and take as your pull your braid apart slightly, but not too much that it falls out.

The styling powder is key to stopping your braid from falling out and keeping it in place. This is my fave one.

How to hide the ends of your braids

Hair Romance - how to wear braids in short hair

So you’ve braided your hair back, but how do you finish it?

  • Lift up a section of hair at the back of your head and hide the ends of your braid underneath. Pin them under with a bobby pin. I like to cross two pins over to form an X-shape for extra hold.

So you see you can wear braids in short hair! What’s your favourite short hairstyle?

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