Half-up side braid hairstyle tutorial

Half-up side braid hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - half up side braid hair style tutorial

If you dislike hair in your face, here’s another easy hairstyle tutorial to keep your hair back with a bit of a twist.

This half-up braid hairstyle tutorial has a bit of a twist in that it’s off to the side. Rather than braid your hair at the back, wearing it at the side gives you two totally different profiles.

Similar to my half-up twist hairstyle tutorial, this style goes a bit further by adding a braid. So if you’ve tried my twist style, you’ll love this one too.

I’ve placed the braid on my left side, but if you prefer the right side, it’s easy to switch.

Half-up side braid hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - half up side braid hairstyle tutorial

What you need:

A small hair elastic


  1. Separate the top section of your hair across from ear to ear and bring it all over to the left side. I like to start the sections above my ear but then take them up underneath so that there is more hair left in the down section.
  2. Split the top section into 3 equal sections and begin to braid. Cross the left section over the middle first, as this will create a nice profile from the front. Then cross the right over the left and continue crossing the outer sections over into the middle until all the top section is braided.
  3. Secure the end of your braid with a small clear elastic. Don’t forget to stretch out your braids and see my styling tips below for a trick for fine hair.

Hair Romance - half up side plait hairstyle tutorial

Styling tips

  • If you have fine hair, use styling powder to stretch out your braid and make your hair look thicker. Sprinkle it down your braid, gently pat it into your hair so that it’s absorbed, and then really stretch out your braid by pulling at the sides.
  • If you have super-straight hair, then try using styling powder on your braid too. It’s amazing at keeping your braid in shape and holding in any layers too.

Hair Romance - halfup braid hairstyle tutorial

Let me know what you think of this style in the comments below. If you try it, I’d love to see a pic. Tag me on Instagram: #hairromance.

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